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The Prehistoric Permanence of Cá Sấu, Vietnam's Farmed Predator

I’ve always hated cá sấu. Not because they’ve threatened my safety or had any real impact on my life whatsoever, but simply because they survived. When a meteor cratered into Earth 66 million years ago and sent sun-engulfing clouds of sizzling rock into the sky, alongside ferocious tidal waves and incessant firestorms, the planet lost some of my most beloved creatures.

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From the Lab of Forever Wheelchair, Hope for Vietnam's Handicapped Animals

The ability to roam and frolic around is essential for our canine and feline companions' well-being, but too often, it can become a privilege for cats and dogs living with disability and immobility from neglect and abuse.

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In Huế, a Glass Cottage to Spend the Rest of Your Life With Your Beloved

If somehow your relationship manages to survive illnesses, conflicts, and external temptations to endure until both of you are in your sunset years, how would you spend the rest of your life?

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Gõ Nước: An Endangered Tree That Offers Hope for Conservation Efforts

Is it true that the more names something has, the more beloved it is? Consider all the nicknames you have for your best friends, or the myriad of terms people have invented for deities. If one can assess value by tallying up all the terms that define it, surely Intsia bijuga is a cherished species of tree.

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[Photos] A House in Sơn La Cocoons Its Residents Around a Quiet Courtyard

In many up-and-coming urban areas in Vietnam, empty plots of land are sectioned off and sold as narrow puzzle pieces that will eventually become towering tube houses facing the chaos of arterial streets. Wouldn’t it be a welcome change to wake up and face the calm of your own garden instead of traffic?

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How Exotic Pole Dance Challenges Both Personal Limits and Gender Stereotypes

Flashing flares of neon lights hug the body of a dancer who’s spinning around a pole in the raucous thrum of music and sensuous gasps. In the mind of the average Vietnamese, pole dancing is often associated with more sordid corners of society. On the contrary, in the past decade, this performing art has slowly earned a respectable place in the country as not only a mesmerizing spectacle, but also a formidable sport.

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In Đà Lạt, Greenhouses Revolutionize Farming, but at What Environmental Cost?

Plastic greenhouses in the city of Đà Lạt may protect farmers from the impacts of erratic weather, but the environmental toll of agri-plastics is building in the agriculture-dependent region.

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Online Study, School Fees Most Affect Student Mental Health During Pandemic, Study Says

It has been a disruptive two years for Vietnamese students due to lockdown regulations, so it’s unsurprising that many are struggling with their mental well-being.

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Tiki Receives $258m in New Investments for Further Growth

The funding pushes the company close to unicorn status.

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Into the Storm: Saigon's Outbreak Through the Eyes of a Frontline Volunteer

“The best way to overcome fear is to face it,” 33-year-old Hương Nguyễn thought when she decided to volunteer as a frontline worker during Saigon’s most deadly weeks of the pandemic.

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Lêkima: The Flower Worthy of a National Heroine

Don’t you find it bewildering when you have existed for centuries, and are suddenly thrust into stardom due to a small cameo in a nationalist saga?

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Transport Ministry Hopes to Begin Building Hanoi-Saigon High-Speed Rail in 2028

We'll believe it when we see it. 

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[Photos] A D4 Cafe Inspired by a Bird's Nest Cradled by Wind

Birds sleep in nests in trees, and humans relax with coffee in houses and shops. But what if the two were mixed?

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Conservation Project Seeks Local Filmmakers to Make Bear Documentary

FOUR PAWS Viet Wildlife Conservation Center is looking for a Vietnamese filmmaker to create a documentary about the stories of their rescued bears at the Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh.

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Pure Passion Turns Dark: The Unexpected Dangers of the Wild Turtle Trade

Seeking a companion during quarantine, Khánh*, a 25-year-old Hanoian, bought a baby turtle through a Facebook group. 

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Q&A: Blue Dragon Co-CEO Skye Maconachie on How the Pandemic Affects Vietnam's Most Vulnerable

Saigoneer talks to Skye Maconachie, Co-CEO of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, a respected, Hanoi-based NGO known for rescuing victims of human trafficking and supporting street kids in the capital....

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Two People, 54 Ethnic Groups, One Photo at a Time

Through their photography project, Vietnam the People, Alden Anderson and Nguyễn Thị Yến Trinh have documented most of the 54 officially recognized ethnic groups in Vietnam.

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Da Lat Forges Ahead on 10-Story Hotel Atop Governor's Palace Hill

The ten-story luxury complex proposed to replace the historic Dinh Tỉnh Trưởng (Provincial Governor's Palace) will include hotels, conference halls, commercial areas, restaurants and botanical gardens...

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Boxer Nguyễn Thị Thu Nhi Becomes Vietnam's First WBO Belt Holder

In a heated bout that lasted all ten rounds, Nguyễn Thị Thu Nhi bested Etsuko Tada and walked away with the World Boxing Organization (WBO) title in the mini-flyweight division.

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Spending Lockdown With Your Parents: Does Familiarity Breed Contempt?

The recent periods of social distancing have not only created opportunities for families to spend plenty of time together, but also created a lot of mental pressure when members scramble to find perso...

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Vietnamese Photographer Clinches 2nd Prize in UK Biology Photo Competition

Trương Hoài Vũ's 'Hòn Yến marine ecosystem' nabbed the honor of runner-up in the 2021 Royal Society of Biology’s photography competition in the Photographer of The Year category.

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[Photos] The Little Son La House at the Base of the Hill

If children like your house design, you must be doing something right.

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Vietnam Has Spent $1.3bn of State Budget on Fighting Coronavirus

It's been a costly battle so far.

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Do Hanoi's Derelict Factories Have Cultural Values? Experts Believe So.

On October 21, Livable Hanoi (Vì Một Hà Nội Đáng Sống) is hosting a webinar to discuss the idea of repurposing Hanoi’s industrial factories into creative and cultural spaces.

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How Social ChangeMakers Brings People Together to Create a Better Future

In this pandemic era, sometimes we need a little help connecting with other people.

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Made-in-Vietnam Dating App Fika Secures $1.6m in Seed Funding

Created as a female-focused alternative to Tinder and Bumble, the dating app Fika recently got financial backing from international investors.

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New Bridge Project Sparks Controversy Over 'Confusing' Indochina Design

Tran Hung Dao Bridge, an upcoming project across the Red River, has recently received mixed reviews around its Indochina-inspired design.