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The Prehistoric Permanence of Cá Sấu, Vietnam's Farmed Predator

I’ve always hated cá sấu. Not because they’ve threatened my safety or had any real impact on my life whatsoever, but simply because they survived. When a meteor cratered into Earth 66 million years ago and sent sun-engulfing clouds of sizzling rock into the sky, alongside ferocious tidal waves and incessant firestorms, the planet lost some of my most beloved creatures.

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From the Lab of Forever Wheelchair, Hope for Vietnam's Handicapped Animals

The ability to roam and frolic around is essential for our canine and feline companions' well-being, but too often, it can become a privilege for cats and dogs living with disability and immobility from neglect and abuse.

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In Huế, a Glass Cottage to Spend the Rest of Your Life With Your Beloved

If somehow your relationship manages to survive illnesses, conflicts, and external temptations to endure until both of you are in your sunset years, how would you spend the rest of your life?

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Gõ Nước: An Endangered Tree That Offers Hope for Conservation Efforts

Is it true that the more names something has, the more beloved it is? Consider all the nicknames you have for your best friends, or the myriad of terms people have invented for deities. If one can assess value by tallying up all the terms that define it, surely Intsia bijuga is a cherished species of tree.

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[Photos] A House in Sơn La Cocoons Its Residents Around a Quiet Courtyard

In many up-and-coming urban areas in Vietnam, empty plots of land are sectioned off and sold as narrow puzzle pieces that will eventually become towering tube houses facing the chaos of arterial streets. Wouldn’t it be a welcome change to wake up and face the calm of your own garden instead of traffic?

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How Exotic Pole Dance Challenges Both Personal Limits and Gender Stereotypes

Flashing flares of neon lights hug the body of a dancer who’s spinning around a pole in the raucous thrum of music and sensuous gasps. In the mind of the average Vietnamese, pole dancing is often associated with more sordid corners of society. On the contrary, in the past decade, this performing art has slowly earned a respectable place in the country as not only a mesmerizing spectacle, but also a formidable sport.

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In Đà Lạt, Greenhouses Revolutionize Farming, but at What Environmental Cost?

Plastic greenhouses in the city of Đà Lạt may protect farmers from the impacts of erratic weather, but the environmental toll of agri-plastics is building in the agriculture-dependent region.

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Yin Yoga: Beyond Daily Practice

Like two sides of the same coin, yin and yang cannot exist without the other. It’s about dualism, the interconnected and interdependent nature of the world. To say yang, it must be in the context of s...

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Say Hello to Sumi, the AI Friend of Vietnam's Gen Z

Sumi, a yellow chick wearing a pilot’s helmet, looks like it belongs on Cartoon Network. However, this character resides on apps like Messenger, Skype and Zalo, and has millions of conversations every...

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Landmark New Climate Report Predicts Stronger Typhoons, Flooding in Asia

A major new United Nations report on climate change was released this week, and the news isn't good.

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Saigon Told to Control Covid-19 Outbreak by Mid-September

Could September 15 be the day some sense of normalcy returns?

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Life on the Last Remaining Ferries in Hoi An

These ferry boat trips may no longer be seen in Hoi An in the future, but they have been reliable partners in daily life and work for years.

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[Video] Witness a Heartwarming Moon Bear Rescue Operation

Watch what has been described as "the most challenging operation ever attempted by a bear rescue organization: transporting 101 endangered Asiatic black bears halfway across China."

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SOSmap Becomes Virtual Bridge Between Those in Need and Those Who Can Give

After two weeks of expedited development, a new mobile application called SOSmap has become a bridge between those in need and those who can give in Vietnam. So far, the initiative has helped channel ...

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[Photos] Stunning Art Deco-Style Cinema in Go Vap Pays Homage to Classic Saigon

The pastel-drenched interior of Beta Cinema finds inspiration in some of Saigon's most famous landmarks and locations. 

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24 Live Tigers Rescued From Wildlife Trade in Nghe An This Week

Shocking news from Nghe An Province.

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Saigon Expands Vaccination Campaign to All City Residents Over 18

Have you gotten a shot yet?

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Voọc Cát Bà: The Endangered Primate of Karst Land

Imagine being born one color, and growing up into a very differently hued adult.

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Hanoi Launches Citywide Vaccination Campaign, Aiming to Reach 200,000 Shots Daily

Recently, the Hanoi People's Committee announced a plan to execute the largest vaccination campaign the city has ever seen. The goal is to get about 70% of the city population vaccinated against COVID...

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Hanoi to Spend VND500bn in New Plan to Renovate Old Apartment Buildings

Between 2021 and 2025, Hanoi plans to spend VND500 billion (US$28.1 million) on inspecting and assessing the quality of old apartment buildings in the city.

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Vietnamese Scientists Are Developing an AI to Detect Covid-19 via Cough Sounds

Vietnamese engineers are encouraging the community to submit 5,000 different cough recordings. This will be used as data for building AI software — AICOVIDVN — that can detect COVID-19 ...

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5 Made-in-Vietnam Inventions Helping the Fight Against Covid-19

Since the arrival of COVID-19, scores of made-in-Vietnam technological innovations have been launched in the hope of supporting frontline workers to fight the pandemic. Furthermore, these innovations ...

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[Photos] An Open-Plan Abode That Harks Back to Traditional Homes

With seasonal floodwaters no longer reaching the neighborhood, when it came time to rebuild this home, architects opted to abandon the stilts previously used in the area while seeking to retain a trad...

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Outside In: An Indie Studio in Hanoi Releases the Ultimate Friendship Test on Steam

Outside In: The Ultimate Friendship Test is a new Steam game that was developed by a team of independent game designers from Hanoi. The challenging game revolves around a war against a deadly virus. P...

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Vietnam Produces First Test Batch of Sputnik V Covid-19 Vaccine

What will this mean for Vietnam's sluggish vaccination campaign?

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Trái Thị: The Fruit of Heavenly Smell and Infernal Taste

If you had to pick a national smell that represents Vietnam, what would it be? There are a host of strong contenders: durian, lotus-scented green tea, fragrant pandan sticky rice, that enticing aroma ...

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[Photos] In Quang Ninh, a Dilapidated Park Receives New Lease on Life

The 1990s Quang Ninh Park was nearly abandoned in need of a revamp to attract local exercisers and loafers alike.