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Long Jumper Proposes to Sepak Takraw Partner After Winning Gold at SEA Games

In a rare moment of levity, a SEA Games proposal tied everything up in a neat bow after a medal-packed day for Vietnam.

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At Thủ Thiêm 2 Bridge's Launch, Exuberance and Selfies Galore

After seven years under construction, the Thủ Thiêm 2 Bridge officially opened for traffic at 5pm, April 28. This was a much-anticipated project for Saigoneers, with over VND3.1 trillion in investment — the most of the city’s existing bridges at the time of writing.

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Searching for the World's Largest Woodpecker Species in Yok Đôn National Park

You first know she’s approaching by the sound of her wings; her broad shadow flashing across the forest floor. Even from far below, her body looks enormous. At half a meter long, she is roughly five times the size of the woodpeckers seen in the gardens of Europe or North America. She is the largest woodpecker left in the world, and the jewel of Yok Đôn National Park.

Michael Tatarski

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Mangroves: The Everyday Superheroes Protecting Vietnam Against Climate Change

When you think of ways to combat the inevitable ravages of climate change and sea level rise, what comes to mind?

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Wind, Sun and the Ocean: The Aerial Thrills of Paragliding Over Đà Nẵng

Paragliding means heaving in a lungful of air, bracing against a gale’s resistance, letting one’s mind ponder the vastness of the ocean below, floating in the middle of the sky, and — for me this time — taking film photos.

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[Photos] T3 Architects Turned a Modernist Villa Into a Celebration of Chocolate

Looks like we'll be working remote today.

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[Photos] A House in Đồng Nai Designed for the Warmth of Tết Gatherings

Family gatherings might be a touchy subject for many of us who don’t connect well with some family members, but if one was to design a house with cordial meals and warm banquets in mind, what would it look like?

Brian Letwin

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Slugging It Out at Saigon’s Baseball Cage

For much of my adult life, in the months from February to October, my mood was dictated by the results of New York Mets games. 

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Hanoi Launches Citywide Vaccination Campaign, Aiming to Reach 200,000 Shots Daily

Recently, the Hanoi People's Committee announced a plan to execute the largest vaccination campaign the city has ever seen. The goal is to get about 70% of the city population vaccinated against COVID...

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Hanoi to Spend VND500bn in New Plan to Renovate Old Apartment Buildings

Between 2021 and 2025, Hanoi plans to spend VND500 billion (US$28.1 million) on inspecting and assessing the quality of old apartment buildings in the city.

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Vietnamese Scientists Are Developing an AI to Detect Covid-19 via Cough Sounds

Vietnamese engineers are encouraging the community to submit 5,000 different cough recordings. This will be used as data for building AI software — AICOVIDVN — that can detect COVID-19 ...

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5 Made-in-Vietnam Inventions Helping the Fight Against Covid-19

Since the arrival of COVID-19, scores of made-in-Vietnam technological innovations have been launched in the hope of supporting frontline workers to fight the pandemic. Furthermore, these innovations ...

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[Photos] An Open-Plan Abode That Harks Back to Traditional Homes

With seasonal floodwaters no longer reaching the neighborhood, when it came time to rebuild this home, architects opted to abandon the stilts previously used in the area while seeking to retain a trad...

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Outside In: An Indie Studio in Hanoi Releases the Ultimate Friendship Test on Steam

Outside In: The Ultimate Friendship Test is a new Steam game that was developed by a team of independent game designers from Hanoi. The challenging game revolves around a war against a deadly virus. P...

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Vietnam Produces First Test Batch of Sputnik V Covid-19 Vaccine

What will this mean for Vietnam's sluggish vaccination campaign?

Khôi Phạm

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Trái Thị: The Fruit of Heavenly Smell and Infernal Taste

If you had to pick a national smell that represents Vietnam, what would it be? There are a host of strong contenders: durian, lotus-scented green tea, fragrant pandan sticky rice, that enticing aroma ...

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[Photos] In Quang Ninh, a Dilapidated Park Receives New Lease on Life

The 1990s Quang Ninh Park was nearly abandoned in need of a revamp to attract local exercisers and loafers alike.

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Thanh Hoa Groom Runs 19km to Bride's House on Wedding Day

If recent developments in Vietnam’s COVID-19 outbreak have dampened your spirit, here’s a wholesome pick-me-up.

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Q&A: Activist Lương Thế Huy and the Journey to Advocate for Gender Equality

“I am a social activist,” Lương Thế Huy says when asked to introduce himself to Saigoneer. It is hard to imagine a different answer, or Huy in a different role, when he has spent a decade pursuin...

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2 Vietnamese Projects Win Jury Prize at Architecture Awards by Architizer

A number of architecture projects in Vietnam have made the list of finalists or even won prizes at the A+Awards organized by Architizer.

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As Covid-19 Batters Region, Vietnam-Hosted SEA Games Postponed to July 2022

Despite early containment success, Southeast Asian countries facing the Delta variant are channeling resources to healthcare instead of sports.

Paul Christiansen

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Trái Vải: The Intoxicating Harbinger of Summer

Is scarcity a source of beauty?

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Street Art: Hanoi Runner Creates Drawings From Routes on Strava

Who said excercise can't be fun or artsy?

Linh Pham

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Wonder How Much Air-Con Costs You This Summer? A Homegrown App Can Help.

Vietnam is facing a serious electricity shortage, yet we have no idea how much energy we use everyday.

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[Photos] A 'Tropical Chalet' in Da Nang for Post-Pandemic Travel Dreams

What comes to mind when you see the word "chalet"?

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Saigon Releases Update of Map Portal With Local Covid-19 Cases, Vaccination Points

If you still find it difficult to fully grasp the scale and spread of Saigon’s current COVID-19 outbreak, look no further than this new map portal.

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HCMC Proposes Rail Link Between Tan Son Nhat, Long Thanh Airports

This is part of the city's suggestions for the Vietnam Railway Authority's railway development plan for 2021-2030.

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Vietnamese Architects Are Leaders in the Architecture of the Information Age

Over the past few years, Vietnamese architects have been developing a new architecture beyond modernism for small projects such as houses and schools. Architects around the world are taking notice and...