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The Prehistoric Permanence of Cá Sấu, Vietnam's Farmed Predator

I’ve always hated cá sấu. Not because they’ve threatened my safety or had any real impact on my life whatsoever, but simply because they survived. When a meteor cratered into Earth 66 million years ago and sent sun-engulfing clouds of sizzling rock into the sky, alongside ferocious tidal waves and incessant firestorms, the planet lost some of my most beloved creatures.

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From the Lab of Forever Wheelchair, Hope for Vietnam's Handicapped Animals

The ability to roam and frolic around is essential for our canine and feline companions' well-being, but too often, it can become a privilege for cats and dogs living with disability and immobility from neglect and abuse.

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In Huế, a Glass Cottage to Spend the Rest of Your Life With Your Beloved

If somehow your relationship manages to survive illnesses, conflicts, and external temptations to endure until both of you are in your sunset years, how would you spend the rest of your life?

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Gõ Nước: An Endangered Tree That Offers Hope for Conservation Efforts

Is it true that the more names something has, the more beloved it is? Consider all the nicknames you have for your best friends, or the myriad of terms people have invented for deities. If one can assess value by tallying up all the terms that define it, surely Intsia bijuga is a cherished species of tree.

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[Photos] A House in Sơn La Cocoons Its Residents Around a Quiet Courtyard

In many up-and-coming urban areas in Vietnam, empty plots of land are sectioned off and sold as narrow puzzle pieces that will eventually become towering tube houses facing the chaos of arterial streets. Wouldn’t it be a welcome change to wake up and face the calm of your own garden instead of traffic?

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How Exotic Pole Dance Challenges Both Personal Limits and Gender Stereotypes

Flashing flares of neon lights hug the body of a dancer who’s spinning around a pole in the raucous thrum of music and sensuous gasps. In the mind of the average Vietnamese, pole dancing is often associated with more sordid corners of society. On the contrary, in the past decade, this performing art has slowly earned a respectable place in the country as not only a mesmerizing spectacle, but also a formidable sport.

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In Đà Lạt, Greenhouses Revolutionize Farming, but at What Environmental Cost?

Plastic greenhouses in the city of Đà Lạt may protect farmers from the impacts of erratic weather, but the environmental toll of agri-plastics is building in the agriculture-dependent region.

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Vietnam's Virtual YouTubers and the Surprising Bond of Anonymous Friendship

Vtubers have been taking the global streaming industry by storm for several years now, with millions of fans that span the globe, even in Vietnam. Yet despite this obvious popularity, local Vtubers ca...

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US Investors Reportedly Eye Disneyland, Universal Studios in Vietnam

A group of American investors expressed interests in to building a Disneyland in Saigon, a Universal Studios in Hanoi and a SeaWorld in Khánh Hòa Province.

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Vĩnh Long's Rich Architectural Heritage Tells Stories of Taste, Time, and Turbulence

Vĩnh Long is a land of rich historical values located in the Mekong Delta. Here, generations of residents from diverse cultural backgrounds have been living, working, and interacting across key milest...

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From Silicone and Clay, a Hanoi Duo Craft Intricate Cosmetic Prostheses

“The products we make are fake arms, legs, noses, ears…from silicone. The value we create is emotional healing, giving our customers confidence in themselves and their lives — the things they lack aft...

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The Greater Mekong's Primates Are Under Threat, but All Hope Is Not Lost

A recent report from the WWF has highlighted ongoing threats to the Greater Mekong's wondrous, but shrinking, bounty of unique primates, as well efforts to bring these amazing creatures back from the ...

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PM Calls for Faster Progress on Long Thành International Airport

During a visit to the site of the planned Long Thành International Airport in Dong Nai Province last week, Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính expressed frustration with the slow progress of the proje...

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Women's Football Team Reaches Vietnam's First-Ever World Cup

Việt Nam Cố Lên!

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[Photos] Saigon Home Re-Imagines the Traditional Tubehouse

The mixed-use shophouse/home structure has long been a staple of Vietnam’s urban fabric — allowing residents to generate revenue from lower-floor businesses while making a home on the upper levels.

Khoi Pham

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A Eulogy for the Last Wild Cọp of Vietnam

The story of Vietnam and cọp is not one where we will come out looking good.

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[Photos] This Bình Dương House Harks Back to a Simpler Tree-Filled Time

If only we could all have a garden around our house.

Michael Tatarski

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Scientists Confirmed 91 New Species in Vietnam in 2020, WWF Report Shows

A new report from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) highlights just how biodiverse the Greater Mekong region remains, even as major threats continue to impact flora and fauna populations.

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New Flowering Plant Species Confirmed in Central Vietnam Nature Reserve

If you discovered a new plant, what would you call it?

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Over 90% of Vietnam's Adult Population Now Fully Vaccinated: Health Ministry

Vietnam's vaccination campaign has made remarkable strides over the last six months.

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High-End Graphics Cards Stolen in California Appear in Vietnam

Paging the Fast & Furious screenwriters.

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Huge Tourism Complex Featuring Lotus-Shaped Island Proposed for Phú Quốc

The most notable feature of Selavia, an "all-in-one" tourist destination, is a 180-hectare artificial island shaped like a lotus that will stretch into Phú Quốc's Đầm Bay and contain villas, boat...

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For VBA Player Nguyễn Phú Hoàng, Family and Health Are What Matters Most

For fans of Vietnam's basketball league, the name Nguyễn Phú Hoàng is most likely a familiar one. The Hanoi-born-and-raised point guard was well-known in the local streetball community long before the...

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The Weird, Whimsical, Wondrous World of Art Toys in Vietnam

At the end of 1999, Hong Kong artist and designer Michael Lau presented the “Gardener” toy collection, an amalgamation of his interests in G.I. Joe action figures and street culture. The launch is wid...

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Vietnam's Undersea Internet Cables Break on Average 10 Times Annually, Experts Say

Vietnam’s internet is inconsistent, but very affordable when compared with regional peers, according to experts at the recent Vietnam Internet Day 2021 conference.

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Nano Covax Vaccine Provides 92% Protection Against Severe Covid-19

A domestic vaccine may still see the light of day.

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[Photos] At Hanoi's Astronomy Park, an Earth-Bound Journey to the Stars

Vietnam's major cities are infamously short on green space, so any new park is noteworthy — particularly when they are as uniquely designed as the Astronomy Park in Hanoi's western suburbs.