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  1. After Heatwaves and Wildfires, Central Vietnam Faces Historic Saltwater Intrusion
    Heatwaves and droughts have resulted in worrisome salt levels in freshwater supplies that is seriously impacting agriculture and tourism sectors. Read More... (,-central-vietnam-faces-historic-saltwater-intrusion)
  2. [Video] Watch the Cheeky Anti-Plastic PSA That's Taking Vietnam's Cybersphere by Storm
    A plastic bag’s life is five times that of an average human. Read More... (
  3. From 2020, Vietnam to Increase Regional Minimum Wage by 5.5%
    The new minimum wage will go into effect from January 1, 2020. Read More... (,-vietnam-increase-regional-minimum-wage-by-5-5)
  4. Morning Stories Roundup: Vietnam Improves Its Position on Sustainable Development Goals
    Stay connected with Saigoneer on Twitter ( and Instagram ( and like us on Facebook ( Each morning, we select some of the most important stories from Saigon, the rest of Vietnam and beyond, and digest them into short, accessible links so you can easily keep up with current affairs. Read More... (
  5. [Photos] The Streets of Cho Lon, as Seen Through Old Postcards
    From downtown Saigon, take Tran Hung Dao Boulevard, drive past rows of towering dipterocarp trees, and one will arrive in the colorful quarters of Cho Lon. Read More... (,-as-seen-through-old-postcards)

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