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  1. Hẻm Gems: A Japanese-American Time-Warp on Binh Thanh’s Backstreets
    Imagine a world where the 1950s never ended. Where Daddy-O’s race muscle cars all day and Peggy Sue’s dance the night away. Where it’s all one big small town of neon-lit diners and all-night gas stations. Welcome to Japan’s obsession with 1950s Americana. Read More... (ẻm-gems-a-japanese-american-time-warp,-on-binh-thanh’s-backstreets)
  2. Saigon Seeks Foreign Expertise to Preserve Dinh Thuong Tho After Public Backlash
    The building, located at 59-61 Ly Tu Trong Street, has long been listed for demolition (saigon-buildings/13268-date-with-the-wrecking-ball-the-former-secretariat-du-gouvernement-building,-59-61-ly-tu-trong,-1888) to pave way for a renovation plan. Read More... (
  3. Morning Stories Roundup: Bag Snatch, Go-Viet Leadership and More Solar Power
    Stay connected with Saigoneer on Twitter ( and Instagram ( and like us on Facebook ( Each morning, we select some of the most important stories from Saigon, the rest of Vietnam and beyond, and digest them into short, accessible links so you can easily keep up with current affairs. Read More... (,-go-viet-leadership-and-more-solar-power)
  4. Netflix Will Be Removed From Smart TVs in Vietnam Over License, Tax Issues
    The Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information under the Ministry of Information and Communications recently issued orders to four popular smart TV brands to remove Netflix access from their devices sold in Vietnam. Read More... (,-tax-issues)
  5. Saigon Tightens Regulation of School Buses After Hanoi Student Dies of Neglect
    The move follows two cases, one of which was fatal, of children being abandoned in school buses in northern Vietnam. Read More... (

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