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Talkshow "SÀI GÒN khai sinh" @ Blanc

In SAIGONDEP series organized by SAIGON VI VU, this is one of the most exciting monthly talk activities with the general theme called SAIGON XUA.

From a perspective,let’s explore and understand from many interesting characters. The chain of activities takes place with desire to help you love and understand more about the city in which we live. Beloved Saigon!

Opening for the series with the theme: BIRTH OF SAIGON.
- Before the Vietnamese came, Saigon was a wildland or developed urban?
- The parallel birth of Saigon and Cho Lon?
- How did the French transform and develop Saigon?
- What is the identity and legacy of Saigon?
- You might have heard that Saigon has a history of 300 years. This city has formed as capital being favoured by nature or have to go through many efforts to build. 
- When was the time of birth Saigon? Which appearance? When will Saigon become a completed urban city?
- How traditional Saigon and Ho Chi Minh City is currently of scale in Vietnam and compares to the world?

Let's meet the speaker Tran Huu Phuc Tien, the author of "Sai Gon then and now" "Saigon is not yesterday" shares this story with you - the people who love Saigon
Beside the talk and Q&A, the author will also show how the image of Saigon's landscape and architecture has changed between the 20th and 21st centuries. 
The program sells signed souvenir book with favourable price.
Tickets are available:
- For students: 150.000VNĐ (Please present your student ID card) 
- For other friends: 200.000VNĐ. 
The price includes tickets and drinks for the participants 
Registration link:
Saigondep 2: Sai Gon Stars
Talking and interacting with "photographer" DINH TIEN MAU. "Not only about Vien Kinh studio and the talented photographer Dinh Tien Mau, but also the search for memory of Saigon." 
* *Please: 
Be on time, dress neatly, speak softly and smile. 
Tickets are limited and will end early depending on the number of registers.

Friday, 8 December

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Blanc | 57D Tu Xuong, D3, Ho Chi Minh City