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Vietnam Coffee Fair @ Lacàph

FREE ENTRY to the fair 
Tickets available for tasting sessions including 2 coffees
Cochin Ca phe's first Vietnam Coffee Fair will be hosted at Lacàph Space and showcase some of the finest Vietnamese coffee in Saigon
8 artisan coffee roaster will present their coffee during 4 sessions, telling the story of their beans and giving you the opportunity to try their brews

Pick up a bag of coffee for home use or place an order for your cafe or restaurant
See session details below for information about each coffee being presented

Tickets for each sessions include 2 coffees
In advance - 100K per session
On the door - 150K per session
Advance tickets available from Lacàph Space at 220 Nguyen Cong Tru, D1 or for delivery on +84 (0)28 3915 1004

SESSION 1 (Tickets 100k / 150K)

RedDoor - 09:30am
Established artisan roasters, RedDoor will present a rich c. robusta (ro sẻ in Vietnamese) varietal cultivated in the Lâm Hà district of Lâm Đồng province. Grown in an ideal condition and processed anaerobic naturally, this is a rich, full-bodied coffee with chocolate and winey aroma.
Silvi Coffee Roasters - 10:15am
Drawing on 15 years of passion for coffee including 13 years of barista training and education in Vietnam, Silvi Coffee Roasters are known for their specialty roasts of Robusta and Arabica beans from Vietnam, South America and Africa.

SESSION 2 (Tickets 100k / 150K)

[a] Coffee House - 11:15am
Pioneer in leading the Vietnamese specialty coffee movement for the last ten years, A cafe Specialty coffee roasts some of the highest quality coffee in Vietnam. They will present a roast from their specialty coffee selection that highlights the best of Vietnamese beans.
Cà Phê Sạch ORG - 12:00pm
Meaning ‘Pure & Clean Coffee’ Cà Phê Sạch ORG select the finest Vietnamese Arabica and Robusta beans for preparing at their roasting house. They will present Robusta from Đăk Nông Province and Arabica from Cầu Đất in Lâm Đồng Province.

SESSION 3 (Tickets 100k / 150K)

Lacàph - 13:30pm
Our host for the day, Lacàph presents their ready-to-drink cascara tea from the Central Highlands province of Lâm Đồng. Steeped for over 20 hours, this refreshing gently caffeinated drink has delicate notes of sun-dried raisins and lavender-infused honey.
Every Half Bean - 14:15pm
One of the country’s best boutique artisan roasters, Every Half Bean presents a Fine Robusta from Đăk Nông Province. With notes of berry, orange, pineapple and hints of chocolate, this coffee has a juicy mouthfeel and a long sweet aftertaste.

SESSION 4 (Tickets 100k / 150K)

Alambe - 15:15pm
Newcomer to Saigon’s coffee scene, Alambé - Finest Vietnamese Coffee presents Đạ Sar, their Arabica var named after the village where it’s cultivated. A rare Direct Trade specialty coffee with a unique mellow cup indicating a hint of citrus.
RCoffee - 16:00pm
Start-up artisan coffee roaster Rcoffee presents an 80/20 combination of Robusta from Đắk Lắk province blended with premium Arabica from Cầu Đất in Lâm Đồng. This is a delicious bold, bitter, strong, mildly fragrant Vietnamese coffee.

Advance tickets available for all sessions from Lacàph Space at 220 Nguyen Cong Tru, D1 or for delivery on +84 (0)28 3915 1004

12th September 2020

9:00am – 5:00pm

Lacàph | 220 Nguyễn Công Trứ, Phường Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1