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From Saigon to Serenity: A 7-Step Wellness Journey at Meliá Ho Tram Beach Resort

For many of us living in Saigon, leaving the city for its hinterlands can be an important pilgrimage, best made regularly to achieve spiritual balance. While fresh air and open space are part of the recipe for wellness, some additional intention is often required to fully take advantage of our limited time.

Since boarding an airplane is both time-consuming and stress-inducing, perhaps the first step is to take advantage of the many new expressways that can zip Saigoneers from the city to the coast in just over two hours. One such destination is Ho Tram, home to one of Meliá’s signature properties in Vietnam which recently launched a wellness program that involves every element of the resort.

At Meliá Ho Tram Beach Resort, wellness begins with the environs. Great emphasis and care are lavished on the natural landscaping. From the winding, tree canopy-covered walkways to water features, strolling the grounds is a relaxing and introspective undertaking. This delight is supplemented by the resort’s newly-launched Wellness Pathway, inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing). The path includes eight stops, each designed to foster a specific aspect of self-nourishment. Among them are the Hug Me Tree which invites guests to make a physical connection with nature, helping to lower cortisol levels; a small island that houses a meditation pagoda; and an all-important digital detox where slow-paced activities replace the pings of phone notifications.

While a visit to the hotel will provide some much-needed well-being for all guests, Meliá Ho Tram Beach Resort offers the option to step things up with their Wellness in The Level Villa Experiences.

Upon entering their villa, guests will notice the private meditation area, with a kit consisting of a special meditation cushion and carpet, a bamboo tray with Tibetan singing bowls, a set of stress relieving Shungite and a dedicated meditation oil that scents the room via a diffuser. Beyond these tools for mental health, the villa is also outfitted with a set of yoga and fitness equipment, including mats, blocks, resistance bands, fitness ball and dumbbells.

Relaxation can be elusive without a good night’s sleep so the villa is also fitted out with lavender essential oils, lavender body mist and a glimmering purple Amethyste Stone placed either on the bedside table or under a pillow to aid relaxation and a soft tumble into a dream-filled slumber.

4- and 7-step Wellness Packages layered on top of this villa experience are carefully curated to give guests an all-encompassing reset. They begin with special welcome wellness amenities such as a refreshing Lemon Raspberry Shishito-infused water, a confit orange with green Sansho and a 64% cocoa & Himalayan salt bar.

Great attention to what guests are putting into their bodies continues during each meal. The resort’s chefs have carefully crafted detox set dinners at both of the main restaurants — Breeza Beach Club which serves Mediterranean fare and Muối which specializes in Vietnamese flavors. Both menus give a contextual nod to the Meliá Ho Tram’s placement along the coast with healthy seafood standouts like steamed clams with lemongrass and chili and raw seabass served with poached quail egg, green chili sauce and salmon roe.

While eating healthy is an important step in the Meliá wellness journey, the YHI spa is the epicenter. Here, therapists provide four holistic body relaxation techniques including deep tissue treatment, Swedish body relaxation, Vietnamese body therapy and Thai body therapy, each targeting a specific area of need such as muscle cramps, blood circulation, and increased flexibility.

Beauty may only be skin deep but in addition to feeling one’s best, there’s nothing wrong with looking one’s best too. Beauty treatments at YHI spa include an anti-aging facial care regimen, hydrating skincare session, nail care and hair styling service.

Back in your room, a turn-down wellness ritual gives guests some private time to experience unique and intimate experiences like a sunset bath ritual where fresh flower petals float atop warm water and the air is filled with essential oils.

Mornings are the ideal time to partake in the resort’s wellness activities and start the day off right. Instructors guide guests through sunrise yoga, Tai chi and mindful stretching to help reduce stress, increase flexibility and improve overall physical health. Those who need a little bit of mental respite can opt for a meditation session that clears one’s mind, lowers blood pressure and reduces anxiety, among many other benefits.

Guests are also rewarded for waking up early with a healthy breakfast built around salads, bowls and dips featuring ingredients like seeds, fruits and vegetables, served beside vibrant smoothies.

If Meliá Ho Tram’s ultimate goal for its Wellness Package is to provide an accessible sanctuary for weary city dwellers in search of a regenerative experience, then they have certainly hit the mark.

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