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Shri Lifestyle Dining Re-Emerges to Elevate Experiences

Sunset approaches and broad bands of soft light stretch across the floor, inflaming pastel walls and illuminating colorful cocktails.

Soon, music will radiate across the rooftop, the thin needles of cactus vibrating ever so slightly with each drum beat and piano pulse. Once the view below becomes a stream of traffic lights, and the skyline a frenzy of syncopated neon, the reborn Shri Lifestyle Dining is ready to serve as an oasis for urban guests in search of experiences, community and entertainment. 


Shri is a familiar name for Saigon residents, and anyone who has been here long enough certainly has an opinion about it. Those opinions are now outdated. While it changed ownership over the last 14 years, Shri’s service, design, and ethos had remained unchanged until several months ago. As part of the newly established IN Dining Group, in 2024 Shri Lifestyle Dining has re-emerged as a destination posed to elevated senses, connections and culinary journeys. 

A Familiar View with a New Vibe

Immediately upon entering Shri on the top floor of the Centec Tower in District One, guests will realize that everything has changed. Warm pinks, oranges and beiges complimented by lush plants call to mind a welcoming Mediterranean dwelling. A bold red entrance box suggests an exciting, unexpected energy runs beneath the calm surface. Outside, rugged clay walls, pale stones and trickling fountains contrast the soft furniture to complete a raw, elegant background for vibrant nights. Meanwhile, the upscale environment is best understood as seeing it as more than the sum of its parts: intimate and indulgent VIP room, welcoming lounge, fun bar, and breezy rooftop.

Before guests have a chance to sip a colorful, custom cocktail or order a dish that encapsulates the cosmopolitan blend of Western and Vietnamese flavors that defines fusion food, they will be drawn in by the sophisticated vibes. While wisps of sunlight still color the sky, it feels like an all-day party where weekends stretch on endlessly accompanied by free-flow cocktails and tapas. This after-work stress-release transitions into late nights untethered from the city’s regular schedule of deadlines and expectations. The relaxed, luxurious atmosphere can be likened to a beach club vibe similar to Bali's famed Omnia.

An Experiential Haven for Like-Minded People


Shri Lifestyle Dining’s “Style up the Sky” concept is best understood as an entertainment journey for Saigoneers to find and enjoy their communities. Events intimately connected to the city’s various creative circles including fashion, art, and music will take advantage of the rooftop’s inherent oasis feel. Mini runway shows highlighting the trendiest creations of local brands; keynote speeches that give glimpses into the minds of daring creatives; and spirited discussions between entrepreneurs will all be included in dedicated events and evenings. Such occasions will allow attendees to feel that their circle of like-minded people has found a safe and nurturing home within the chaotic city. The sleek VIP room offers an extra level of intimacy as supported by collaborations and partnerships with brands from various fields that share a similar lifestyle ethos, encompassing music, fashion, art, and culture.

Meanwhile, weekly events cater to those who may not consider themselves part of any specific Saigon segment but appreciate the refined exuberance of a beach club. Sundance arrives every Sunday at 5 pm in collaboration with Good Hearts Agency—a boutique agency focusing on house—and techno artists and organizing quality music festivals. Meanwhile, every Friday and Saturday, live DJs cater to those who desire music that aspires to be more than routine background noise. Alternative melodic deep house, findienu disco, afro house, and techno music add depth and relevant excitement to each event. An upcoming partnership with Vox involves curated playlists and exclusive mixtapes tailored to different day and night sessions at Shri. This music is further elevated when experienced amidst the subtle breezes of Saigon late nights, surrounded by celebrities, influencers, and stylish professionals. 

Multi-Sensory Dining Reaches New Heights in Saigon

While the atmosphere and events will make a bold first impression, the drinks and cuisine are a priority. Shri’s culinary philosophy has undergone as drastic a redesign as the rest of the venue, as witnessed in the a la carte, tapas and set menu.

Most notably, the F&B operation is now managed by the recently launched IN Dining Group. While the name is new, IN Dining’s quality standards are firmly established as the natural extension of the group behind the Gem Center and White Palace. They’ve simply extended their commitment to service, dependability and personalized experiences to Saigon’s dining scene while catching up with world trends for lifestyle dining and multi-sensory experiences to set a new standard in Vietnam. IN Dining also enjoys access to streamlined supply chains that can procure high-quality international ingredients such as truffles, caviar, lobster and steak with dependable quality. 


The Asian-European fusion cuisine, wine and cocktails at the core of the upscale dining experience showcase fresh trends and creativity thanks to visiting and resident chefs from internationally acclaimed restaurants. Shri will collaborate with talented chefs from local, regional, and global scenes and incorporate their visions into new and exciting menus. While the coming months will feature many special dining events, dinners and seasonal menus, each night of the week aims to offer guests something unexpected starting with tableside service where the preparation of appetizers and drinks is a sensory experience. Smoke, fire, and surprise are all part of the action expected to routinely appear as reflective of Shri’s inventive lifestyle dining ethos.  And the most unique aspect of each visit is always a matter of preference with personal touches understood and catered to by the kind and attentive staff. 

Shri Lifestyle Dining’s re-emergence on the city’s dining and nightlife scene offers a new oasis for residents fatigued by familiar choices. It brings unexpected opportunities to connect and share inspiration; pursue sophisticated stress-release and savor elevated sensory experiences. The combination of interior, view, cuisine and music unite to elevate authentic, experiential moments in the pursuit of lifestyle dining. The new events, menus and atmosphere should make it easy to identify where Saigon’s charismatic energy can be found on any given night of the week. 

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