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Celebrating Tết with the Essence of Gift-Giving

The moment of transition between the old and new year has arrived, and it's time when Tết gifts are meticulously selected and carefully prepared. Whether it's a thank you, an expression of gratitude, or a blessing, each Tết gift also conveys subtle messages through its presentation.

In the sphere of gift-giving, particularly around Tết, the act is more than a mere exchange; it is a catalyst for reinforcing bonds, a display of the giver's refined taste and penchant for finesse. As Tết's festive air permeates our surroundings, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, renowned for its premium whisky, offers a selection of exquisite gifts that resonate with prosperity and personal touch, perfect for expressing appreciation to those who hold a special place in our lives.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami: An Ode to the World’s Most Enigmatic Whisky

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami is a testament to modern East Asian elegance, its robust exterior boasting a mix of cobalt blue and earthy orange shades. This bottle, a culmination of sophistication and artistic taste, stands as a collector's pride among Scotch whisky enthusiasts, an ideal Tết offering for the discerning.

The pursuit of Japan's most refined flavor, Umami, reaches its zenith in this whisky. An artistic collaboration between Master Distiller Emma Walker and 3-star Michelin Chef Kei Kobayashi, the Elusive Umami is a symphony of sweet and savory, balancing orange and red fruit notes to capture the essence of Tết's auspicious spirit.

Actor Thanh Sơn appreciates the elegant, yet striking design of the Blue Umami bottle.

Lương Thùy Linh is captivated by the limited edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami.

For Hoàng Rob, Johnnie Walker Blue Umami is not just a reward but also an inestimable item to bestow upon loved ones to start the new year.

Chef Sam Trần notes that the Blue Umami flavor pairs perfectly with many cuisines, and elevates the dining experience.

Johnnie Walker × James Jean: Bestowing the Wooden Dragon

This year's collaboration between Johnnie Walker Blue Label and artist James Jean is a creative reimagining of the Dragon, an iconic zodiac symbol for its legendary status. The Wooden Dragon, representing prosperity and good fortune, elegantly adorns the bottle, a metaphor for the rich, matured essence of the whisky.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year Of The Wood Dragon x James Jean.

The Bangkok launch event in January 2024 was a showcase of regional art and culture, with Vietnam's Huy Tuấn and Dũng Yoko among the 50 attending artists, actors, and celebrities, celebrating the Johnnie Walker x James Jean edition.

From right to left: Creative Director Dũng Yoko, musician Huy Tuấn, and 2 other representatives from Vietnam.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label's reputation for multi-layered flavors makes every sip an exploration of sensory delight. Its association with the art world enhances its status as a luxury symbol, ideal as a Tết gift for both business associates and family members alike.

Enjoy responsibly, do not share with people under 18 years old.