"Visa" - Stage Reading at Café La Rotonde Saigon

What is the effect of borders, passports and visas on love?

Lim, a young journalist from Saigon travels to Hanoi to apply for a passport to Belgium. Despite guidance against it, she reveals to the embassy interviewer, Christian, that she is traveling to visit her boyfriend and get married. Beyond the expected challenges this revelation reveals for immigration paperwork, Christian falls in love with the kind and talented young woman.

Visa is based on a story by Hải Miên with the script written by beloved filmmaker Việt Linh. Rather than presented as a regular play, Visa will be read on stage by actors. Not yet popular in Vietnam, this type of performance helps audiences have an intimate relationship with the stories, similar to being read a bedtime story.

For tickets call: 090 9368201


Café La Rotonde Saigon | 185B Trần Hưng Đạo, quận 1