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BAR SON Opens its Doors

On November 24, 2022 BAR SON officially opened its doors to Saigon for the first time with a vocal performance by Thao Trang, DJ Drew, DJ Tung Tim & Juan Anthony Trumpeter welcoming its first guests, media, and KOLs.

Located in the heart of Saigon, BAR SON is a new vibe-dining restaurant & bar with an exceptional food and drink selection and upbeat music. The vibrant, tropical design combined with the lush outdoor terrace makes Bar Son suitable for any time of the day. Our extensive menu of coffee, drinks and food will provide you with an appropriate selection whenever you choose to visit us. During the day, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee & cozy lunch or afternoon tea out on the terrace. As the day progresses, our curated playlist gets more upbeat, the volume gets louder and the lights dim, providing a smooth transition from day to night.

The first vibe dining bar concept

The vibe dining concept is growing in popularity in big cities around the world. It is the perfect combination between a restaurant and a bar which is solidifying as its own category and offering you a whole new dining experience with lively beats, vibrant space, delicious food and curated cocktails.

A unique, high-energy vibe dining bar in the heart of Saigon with botanical design, the sunken lounge will surely catch your eye as you enter the venue, a feature that can’t be found anywhere else in the city. Lively house beats and warm, ambient lighting from the signature elevated ceiling will set the tone for whatever activities you have in store.

Special things about BAR SON story

This design is a conceptual reflection of the ever-changing and vibrant city that the Saigon river reflects. First, the tall pivoting entrance doors from the main lobby with their weave design giving a natural organic look within an elegant bronze frame. An introduction piece to the irony of a wild jungle framed in a polished setting. The bar, which stands proudly represents a growth upwards from the ground all the way up to the ceiling. An abstract tree that holds the drinks display with tropical plants blooming; full of life breaching out.

Looking up is layers of ceiling in a rippling shape, starting from the corner spilling towards the bar. The layers narrow downward to the most popular location for guests, the sunken seat, in the midst of a tree-stem forest. And for its backdrop, a feature wallpaper design with a collage of extinct animals. A beautiful homage to what was, in a contemporary botanical style.

Why we named it BAR SON

BAR SON is located by the historical shipyard Ba Son on the Saigon river, from which BAR SON gets its name. However, there’s not only a literal connection to Ba Son, but the design is also inspired by it and the Saigon river, like the essence of transformation through time, connecting with nature life and vibes.

  • Like Ba Son, it is ever-changing. Going with the flow of organic shapes and sizes
  • Natural, connection with nature, like the nature that feeds off of the river
  • Full of colors, like the life the river brings
  • Vibrant color juxtaposition with concrete, like the shipyard to the river

Here we also have a front-row view of Thu Thiem II Bridge unfolding, and we will witness the upcoming high-rise development over in Thu Thiem. Like the Saigon river, BAR SON faces the past, present, and future of Saigon’s skyline.

The best time to visit BAR SON

BAR SON is perfect for any time of the day, from 9:00 AM until late, but it really comes alive at night. Guests would arrive at 7:00 PM, sit in the sunken lounge, order a glass of Lotus Negroni, cheeseburger spring rolls, slow-roasted lamb shoulder, roasted baby chicken, black angus beef striploin. It's also a great place to start the night with a party at your table before moving on to your next destination or you might have too much fun and stay the entire night.

BAR SON Operation Hours & Events
Day & Night: 9:00 AM until late
DJs Night: 08:00 PM - 12:00 AM Thursday, Friday & Saturday

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C Ton Duc Thang, Ground Floor - Le Méridien Saigon