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Phuong Nam Hospital not only marks a new advancement in the medical field in HCMC but also heralds a new era in healthcare for women and children. By applying international standards in each treatment and care process, the hospital ensures the best medical services for its patients. The intelligent functional room system, specially designed in a circular layout connecting the delivery room, operating room, and neonatal intensive care unit, optimizes the "golden hour" for each childbirth, highlighting one of the hospital's prominent features. Every customer giving birth at Phuong Nam is accompanied by a professional team of obstetrics and pediatric doctors, promising a safe, gentle birthing process that ensures health for mother and baby from the very first moments.

Additionally, Phuong Nam Hospital also focuses on improving the quality of postnatal services, from dermatological examinations for babies to body recovery programs for mothers after birth. This is demonstrated by the hospital providing an extensive range of services, such as psychological counseling and support for postpartum depression issues, ensuring that both mother and baby are not only physically healthy but also mentally comfortable and happy. Furthermore, the "Full Moon Celebration" party for mother and baby is not just an event marking an important milestone in the motherhood journey but also a testament to the meticulous and caring customer service at Phuong Nam.

Moreover, with the establishment of advanced healthcare programs for children, from vaccination schedules for different ages to nutritional counseling and timely diagnosis of health issues, Phuong Nam Hospital asserts its position as one of the leading medical centers in child healthcare. Carefully designed programs for managing specialized diseases such as asthma, respiratory diseases, and allergies help children grow up healthy and well-rounded.

With its continuous efforts to improve service quality and a commitment to a professional healthcare foundation, Phuong Nam Hospital's arrival to HCMC is a welcome development.