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Zannier Hotels Launches Its First Coffee Table Book

Together with the Swedish editing house New Heroes and Pioneers, Zannier Hotels Releases its first book titled "Zannier Hotels: A Journey Through Style, People and Experiences".

Zannier Hotels, a pioneer in redefining luxury hospitality, is proud to unveil its first ever book, "Zannier Hotels: A Journey Through Style, People and Experiences". This breathtaking tome offers readers an intimate look into the world of Zannier Hotels, encapsulating its distinct philosophy, cultural depth, and the diverse experiences that it offers.

From the very beginnings with the inception of Le Chalet in Megève in 2011, Zannier Hotels has always aspired to deliver a genuine cultural encounter wrapped in luxury. Through a thoughtful focus on intricate details and fostering moments of connection, Founder and CEO, Arnaud Zannier, has crafted a signature offering that transcends traditional hospitality.

This ethos is vividly brought to life in the premium coffee table book, transporting readers from the serenity of Zannier Hotels Sonop lodge in the Namib Desert to the enchanting landscapes around Zannier Hotels Bãi San Hô resort in Central Vietnam, among other breathtaking locations.

The book's key highlights include:

A Visual Odyssey: the opportunity to delve into a rich photographic exploration of Zannier Hotels, echoing its foundational values and its unique approach; A Brand Overview: a dive into the essence of the hotel group, showcasing how luxury has been reinvented to be more meaningful, heartfelt, and authentic.

Behind the Scenes stories: the presentation of how the group is conceivings its hotels, private estates and restaurants, anecdotes and an introduction to some key members of the team.

It is a journey and an inspiration for those who seek to rediscover luxury in its most authentic yet simplistic form. Structured in 6 chapters, the book showcases a harmonious blend of magnificent natural sceneries that are the décor inspiring life greatest stories to our patrons.

The enchanting visuals have been captured by photographer, Ash James. With a penchant for minimalism and a keen eye for nuanced details, Ash's images resonate with the refined elegance that Zannier Hotels epitomizes. His love for clean lines, architectural spaces, and atmospheric landscapes shines through, making the book an art piece in itself.