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Nestled on the idyllic Khem Beach, JW Marriott Phu Quoc recently hosted a Sustainable Culinary Week that focused on eco-conscious dining.

From June 6-10, celebrated chefs from JW Marriott’s global properties converged to create a menu as mindful as it was savory.

From Hanoi to Bangkok, each chef brought their unique touch, ensuring every bite was a testament to ethical sourcing and culinary innovation.

The culinary journey began at Tempus Fugit, where a fusion of Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, and international dishes awaited. The restaurant's resident chefs, alongside guest chefs from JW Marriott Bangkok and Khao Lak, crafted an array of flavors that told stories of their origins. This wasn’t just a meal; it was a culinary expedition across borders, all within the resort's elegant confines.

At the beachfront Red Rum, guests enjoyed in a unique blend of Latin American and Japanese cuisines. Dishes like An Thoi Shrimp Maki and Phu Quoc Cobia Sashimi stood out, each bite a reflection of the island's rich marine bounty and the chefs' inventive spirit.

The resort’s culinary centerpiece Pink Pearl offered a seven-course dinner that elevated local ingredients with a French twist where each course was paired with expertly crafted cocktails.

The culinary adventure continued at French & Co. with a sustainable-themed afternoon tea. Locally inspired petite delicacies were the stars, offering a sweet interlude in the day’s festivities.

Sustainable Culinary Week also included hands-on activities such as cooking classes using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and guidance by guest chefs.

The week was not just an event; it was a movement towards a more mindful way of dining, leaving guests with a profound appreciation for the delicate balance between indulgence and environmental stewardship.