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I Know You Know I Know You Don't Know @ THEATRE 21

A slice of life through a duo improv

Hanoi, every Saturday in November 2022. ATH Production presents a brand-new duo improv show where the audience decides the character's destiny & the actors improvise their ride of life.
Different from the improv cabaret where actors warm their audience up through small games and then they perform a medium lenghth improv from 10 to 20minutes, I know you know I know you don’t know, like their title is one long improv. To make one hour improv show, the only way is to be well prepared. The structure of the show has been invented for a two person show, the actors experimented it and changed it until they were completely satisfied.
Two main characters will be progressively introduced. The audience will discover their personality, their memories through their past and their own relationship. Then they meet each other in a complicated relationship decided by the audience, they fight against each other, then get separated until a day, something special happen and put them close to each other again. A happy or unhappy ending is in the audience's hands.
“Even though this show is very well structured, it is still a huge challenge for the actors, since this is a true duo improv – 2 persons taking all the roles of the show : actors, MC and technician! No one will get their back, it’s like a Poker All-in, they win or they loose everything.” - said Hoa My, Theatre 21’s manager.

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5th November 2022

8:00pm - 9:00pm

ATH TAY HO | 21 hẻm 12/2/5 Đặng Thai Mai, Quảng An, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội


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