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  1. [Photos] Lycée Marie Curie: The High School That Has Stood the Test of Time

    Marie Curie High School, also called Lycée Marie Curie in French or Truong Trung Hoc Pho Thong Marie Curie in Vietnamese, is a public high school located in Saigon’s District 3.


  2. [Photos] 1972 Saigon, a City of Style

    Based on this collection of black-and-white snapshots, there’s no doubt that Saigon was – and still is – a city of style.


  3. [Photos] Gia Long High School and 100 Years of Female Education

    Before becoming the prestigious Nguyen Thi Minh Khai High School of today, this District 1 institution used to be home to Gia Long, once Saigon’s most well-known school for girls.


  4. [Photos] Then & Now: Images From Old and New Saigon

    The southern hub has seen its fair share of transformations over the years. From French colonialism to the swinging 60s, the early days of Doi Moi to 21st-century Vietnam, Saigon’s urban landscape has undergone constant change, and yet the photos below are proof positive that modern-day Saigon is not so far removed from its past.


  5. [Photos] Saigon Then & Now: The Diem Coup (1963)

    In September 1963, reporters and journalists began to hear rumblings about a coup that would ultimately topple the increasingly unpopular Ngo Dinh Diem regime.