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Intensive 1 Week - Photography for Beginners @ Co-Space

From the organizer: This workshop is for beginners who want to take their skills to next level. 

By the end of this 5 session workshop you’ll be able to fully control your camera, understand exposure, photography terminology, composition, light, and more. If you wish to create quality images, you need to have a solid foundation before you can move to the next level. This course is a requirement to any other following advanced workshops as “exposure is to the photographer, what measuring is to a carpenter”.

Session 1 – Theory - 18th June
Understanding your camera, resolution, exposure (shutter speed, aperture, ISO), depth of field, white balance, and more. Get familiar with all the buttons and dials on your camera.

Session 2 – Theory - 19th June
Understand light and composition.

Session 3 – Practice - 20th June
We will meet at Co-Space and head together to an outdoor location in town to put our new skills in practice!

Session 4 – Practice - 21st June
Putting into practice the theory learned during the previous session.

Session 5 – Conclusion - 22nd June
Reviewing, analyzing, and organizing your images.

*This workshop is for beginners and works as the foundation for any future advanced workshops.


Monday, 18 Jun

9:30am - 11:30am

Co-Space | 104A Xuan Thuy (5th floor), Thao Dien, Ho Chi Minh City