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BOULANGER TRIO IN HO CHI MINH CITY @ Conservatory Ho Chi Minh City

After a thrilling guest performance in 2018, the Boulanger Trio presents itself for the second time in Vietnam following an invitation by the Goethe-Institut.

On the occasion of 'Saigon Chamber Music 2019', the classical trio will lead master classes for talented young music students. The music festival takes place from 6–13 July 2019.

The Boulanger Trio will open the festival with a concert on Sunday, 7 July at 8pm at the Conservatory of Music in Ho Chi Minh City.

Tickets start from 250.000 VND and are available at the Conservatory of Music or online. (click here)

Another concert of the Boulanger Trio will take place on Sunday, 14 July 2019 in Da Nang.
Concert Venue in Da Nang:
Nguyen Hien Dinh Theater
155 Phan Châu Trinh Str., Hải Châu District, Đà Nẵng 
For ticket enquiries please contact the
Da Nang Cultural and Movies Centre - 23 Trần Phú
Tel.: 023 6388 8229


Clara Schumann | Trio g-Moll op. 17    
I. Allegro moderato 
II. Scherzo, tempo di minuetto 
III. Andante
IV. Allegretto 

Paul Juon | Litaniae        

Antonín Dvorák | Trio e-Moll op. 90 „Dumky“    
I. Lento Maestoso (Allegro quasi doppio movimento) 
II. Poco Adagio (Vivace non troppo/Vivace) 
III. Andante (Vivace non troppo/Allegretto) 
IV. Andante Moderato (Allegretto scherzando/Quasi Tempo di Marcia) 
V. Allegro 
VI. Lento Maestoso

About the Boulanger Trio:

In 2006, Karla Haltenwanger, Birgit Erz and Ilona Kindt fulfilled the dream of devoting their lives to chamber music when they founded the Boulanger Trio. Twelve years later, the three musicians still find that it is a privilege to be able to practice and study the abundant, variegated repertoire of chamber music on a daily basis. Based in Hamburg and Berlin, the trio still plays in its original lineup; in the past years, it has gained an excellent reputation in the world of chamber music. The German newspaper Die Welt described a performance of the Boulanger Trio as “irresistible”, and composer Wolfgang Rihm wrote in a letter: “To be interpreted in this way is surely the great dream of every composer”.

In addition to works of the Classical and Romantic period, the commitment to contemporary music is also an important focus within the trio’s repertoire. Through its unbiased view of the works, it always finds its very own tonal language for each composer it deals with. The three artists' willingness to express themselves and the intensity with which they trace every musical detail is captivating. The three musicians, who also enjoy spending time together in private, have a strong sense of sound and a blind understanding, which makes the concerts of the trio unforgettable moments.

The ensemble is named after the sisters Nadia and Lili Boulanger, whose exceptional personalities and uncompromising devotion to music continue to be a great source of inspiration to the trio.


Sunday, 7 July

8:00 pm

Conservatory Ho Chi Minh City | 112 Nguyen Du, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1