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Mundo Lingo @ Rogue Saigon

 Every Tuesday night in RogueSaigon, 2nd floor 13 Pasteur, D.1

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Our community: Mundo Lingo Saigon

: : : : : Who we are : : : : :
We´re a huge community of locals and internations that meet every week to chat, meet new people, and practice speaking other languages.
We have flag stickers from over 150 countries / regions. Native language goes at the top. The rest follow below in order or ability towards the weakest at the bottom. It's open to all nationalities and languages and you can talk about anything you like. You don´t have to be an advanced speaker, or even speak a second language - its for all levels!

* All ages (18+)
* Free entrance
* Every Week.

: : : : : The Bar : : : : :
RogueSaigon - 2nd floor 13 Pasteur, D.1

: : : : : Reception from 7pm : : : : :
It is not obligatory to arrive at this time but we recommend it especially if it's your first time.

Please don't bring outside food and drinks into the restaurant. If you like what we do, support us by buying a drink!

Please remember the bar is a public place and you responsible for your personal possessions.
Teasers (from other cities).


Every Tuesday

7:00pm - 11:00pm

Rogue Saigon | Top Floor, 13 Pasteur, D1, Ho Chi Minh City