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Watercolor online workshop Botanical edition

Hello everyone! I got you a new workshop, and this time we will be painting this Monstera Adansonii
I must mention this a workshop aimed at beginners, but everyone is welcome to paint along with me!
Take advantage of the 28% early bid DISCOUNT! This will end 5 days before the event!
Please read all description carefully.
I will be streaming live trough my Facebook page so you can see it from the comfort of your house, I recommend you to use your laptop or PC in order to see the video full screen.
This purpose of this workshop is for you to create a replica of my original artwork from the comfort of your home where I will be guiding you step by step in the process.
The workshop will last 3 hours, but you know me by now, I say 3 hours and end up taking 4 haha but don't worry, you don't have to stay for the whole workshop! After I am done, I will post the video on my page and you can watch the replay at any time, you will have UNLIMITED access to the video recording!
The workshop says it will take a day, but that time is set in case my streaming goes off, so I can go back live in the same event
So tell your friends and put on the painting attitude because we are making some art.
- Watercolors: Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Sap Green, Emerald Green, Black.
I will be using my Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolors, but feel free to use your favorite brand.
- Watercolor paper. I recommend 300 gr, I will be using Fabriano
- Watercolor brushes, a medium and a small (number 6 and 2 works great, but feel free to use your favorite brush)
- Masking fluid
- A mixing palette
- Kitchen paper
- Water jar to clean up the brushes
In the Discussion section I will leave a photo of the sketch a couple of days before the workshop, so you can print it and transfer it to you watercolor paper.
I will suggest you to have the sketch already drawn before the workshop so we can start painting immediately.
Want to see at what time is the workshop in your country? Facebook automatically changes the event time to you local timezone, for me is at 2:00 pm, in The Netherlands, but please double check this so you don't miss it!
You can't make it in that time? don't worry at all, you can watch the recording at a more convenient time for you!
So, see you at the workshop?
*If you are experiencing problems to pay trough Facebook you can also pay me directly trough PayPal to the email and notify me in a DM
*This workshop is for educational purposes only, please do not attempt to make profit from the result of this workshop.
* Beware of scammers! DO NOT click any links that are not coming directly from me.
* I will be streaming live from my Facebook page, so if you want to get a notification once I go live, is important to Follow or Like my page

For more information, please click here.

23th Febuary, 2023


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