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Immense - Hứa Vĩ Văn @ Toong Vo Van Tan

If you have ever heard of Hua Vi Van in his role as a distinguished actor, you cannot overlook his new persona as an artist, deeply connected with the canvas and colors. In recent years, Hua Vi Van has left a significant mark within the art connoisseur community through emotionally rich and highly topical artworks. Exhibitions like "Dream Zone - Peaceful Zone - Poetic Zone" have resonated both nationally and internationally, contributing to the affirmation of the artist's seriousness in his pursuit of painting.

This time, his return with 'Swaying Zone' promises a Hua Vi Van that is different, fresher, more liberated, and less burdened than before. It signifies a new step in his artistic journey towards healing through art, a concept he has previously discussed.

With an unwavering commitment to spreading positivity and encouraging viewers to personally interpret the lines, colors, and emotions in his works, Hua Vi Van doesn't delve too deeply into his artistic philosophy. 'Swaying Zone' is an open door for everyone, welcoming all perspectives and opinions, without being confined by any boundaries. In the role of exhibition co-organizer, Toong is delighted to collaborate with artist Hua Vi Van in spreading more positive values to the community.

The 'Dream Zone - Peaceful Zone - Poetic Zone' exhibitions, and now 'Swaying Zone,' mark Hua Vi Van's artistic journey as a 'resident' in Toong's shared workspace. Before venturing into the world of film, Hua Vi Van studied fine arts at the University of Fine Arts in Ho Chi Minh City. Despite creating numerous impressive artworks, he has never truly considered himself a 'painter.'

When he wields the brush, he aims to continuously experiment with new creative materials. Regardless of the theme he starts and ends with, he always views painting as a gateway to the land of emotions, where he can truly express his inner thoughts and bring beauty into life.

We invite you to visit the "Swaying Zone | Immense" exhibition by Hua Vi Van:

Admission is free.

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18 September, 2023


Toong Vo Van Tan | 48A Vo Van Tan, Ward 5, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City