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Natural Garden Exhibition @ Annam Gallery

The solo exhibition “Natural Garden” exhibits 16 lacquer paintings. With 16 lacquer works I introduced to the art-loving public this time, the theme "Natural Garden" is a source of strong emotions like the joyful notes of the richness of heaven and earth and life. There is the peace of flowers, trees and plants with the silhouettes of dream-loving girls and the woman I love; there are couples who are attached and above all there is a harmony between man and nature…

In each soul, the artist will have many ways of exploiting and choosing life's problems, they will bring all the views, feelings, and orientations to exploit the story according to each topic that the artists find themselves in their art stories. I love nature, love its beauty, and fantasize about reaching out as a way of expressing myself in art and language. Humans are still the main factor for me to exploit in the shaping elements, in which women symbolize vitality as the beauty of the Creator's gift, they are beautiful in the eyes of humanity and soften life as well as my soul so I exploit those beauties in liberal and sometimes somewhat ancient frames in old and nostalgic dresses.

With lacquer as the main medium in the path of composition, lacquer allows me to find strength in the mellow, attractiveness in the immensity, elegance in the simple... that's why this time, I only focus on making works with lacquer material, which is also the material I have a lot of passion for. Exhibition information will be updated here:

►Exhibition with entrance fee: 50,000 VND/person

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09th September - 08th October 2023

09:00AM - 08PM

Annam Gallery | 371/4 Hai Ba Trung, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, HCMC