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The Flow Exhibition @ The World Artspace

Iris Nguyen (Nguyen Le Bao Thu) was born in Phan Rang, a small beautiful coastal city in the southern part of Vietnam, Iris began professionally composing and working with art at the age of 14. The artist went on extensive travels where she gained a multitude of experiences and discoveries, including a Master's Degree with Honors in Design and Management (MASTER OF ARTS IN DESIGN & MANAGEMENT - COVENTRY) at Coventry University.

Perhaps, it is the diverse range of experiences in different countries that shaped Iris's introspective nature and enriched the emotional depth of her artistic creations. The artist believes that art should be conveyed through introspection, comprehension, reflection, and connection, thus bringing meaningful messages to the audience.

“I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to visit many different countries, experiencing many fascinating things and provoking many thoughts from these observations. There are countries that ended their wars earlier than Vietnam but they are still trapped in grief and the aftermath of war. This has a significant impact on human life in modern society, affecting culture and art in general. I can feel their pain, I can perceive the lack of transformation to convert their pain into a fertilizer for a more vibrant life. They have not yet transformed these materials into love and optimism” - Iris Nguyen expressed.

The main message that the artist wishes to convey to art lovers is, “The unexpected setbacks in life are the foundation to help us transform and come closer to happiness and truth”.

The opening ceremony "The Flow" which will be held on Saturday, October 21, at 10 a.m in The World Artspace gallery

Add: No. 21 Vo Truong Toan, Thao Dien ward, Thu Duc city, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Gallery is open from 10 : 00 to 18 : 00 daily. Ticket is free. The collection will exhibit during from October 21 to October 31

21st - 31st October 2023

10AM - 06PM

The World Artspace | No. 21 Vo Truong Toan, Thao Dien ward, Thu Duc City