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Talkshow "Ca Biện Phấn Hành" @ HCMC Hat Boi Art Theater

Hieu Van Ngu (Cultura Fish) and Ho Chi Minh City Hat Boi Art Theater respectfully introduce a series of 05 talk shows SINGING PHAN Hanh (*) in the form of lectures combined with illustrated performances.

Every two weeks starting from June 14, 2024, the audience will have the opportunity to listen to researcher Vuong Hoai Lam tell stories about ancient and modern Vietnamese theater (session 01), "peeling" each layer of the "code" of the art. The art of Hat Boi ranges from the typical exaggerated - conventional style, expression techniques through face painting, costumes, singing - speaking (session 02), music (session 03) to literary works that shine on shelves. Ethical values ​​in opera script system (session 04). Along with this interesting presentation, the audience will enjoy performance classes led by the Ho Chi Minh City Hat Boi Art Theater, including blessing performances in the Dai Boi ritual, and classic performances. such as Ho Nguyet Co turning into a fox, Chau Sang Colonel Thanh Long, Tong Tuu O Hac Loi... In particular, the last talk show (session 05) will be a performance of the script "San Hau" - a masterpiece of opera art. Vietnam with full of unique chapters and narration and narration from the researcher.

Time: 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm every other Friday (June 14, June 28, July 12, July 26, August 9, 2024).

Location: Ho Chi Minh City Hat Boi Art Theater, 125 Chau Van Liem Street, Ward 14, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City

Ticket categories: Thieu Hoa ticket (200,000 VND) and Thieu Nghieu ticket (350,000 VND)

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Initiated by Hieu Van Ngu 2020, "Hat Boi 101" is a project to introduce the art of opera to audiences who have never been exposed to this art form in an open and methodical way. With the combination of researchers, artists, technology and social networks, Hieu Van Ngu hopes that the audience can confidently consider singing "professional" and boldly create with materials from opera. In recent years, with support from the Hat Boi Art Theater of Ho Chi Minh City, "Hat Boi 101" has continuously opened classes to enjoy hat boi, and carried out archival activities on models of singing characters. Vietnamese opera (published on UNESCO-ICHCAP and Google Arts & Culture), as well as organizing opera workshops for domestic and foreign audiences. This is the first time that Hieu Van Ngu and Ho Chi Minh City Hat Boi Art Theater co-hosted the talk show CA BIO PHAN Hanh and the workshop HAT BOI 101 directly at the theater's stage space. Concise and modern content from "Hat Boi 101", combined with meticulous performances from Ho Chi Minh City Hat Boi Art Theater will bring shows that are both elegant and rich in knowledge for the audience. 


Hieu Van Ngu: Established in 2020, Hieu Van Ngu (Cultura Fish) is a group that researches, applies and creates culture and art. With a multi-faceted approach to fields such as education, visual arts, music, history - culture, sports, cuisine - cuisine, performance,... Hieu Van Ngu's activities often touch attendees' hearts; Some projects include "Hat Boi 101", "Phong Hoa Ca Vinh", and educational programs based on immersive storytelling. Besides, Hieu Van Ngu also cooperates with domestic and foreign partners such as ICHCAP-UNESCO, British Council Vietnam, Asian Youth Theater Festival (AYTF).

Ho Chi Minh City Hat Boi Art Theater The City Hat Boi Art Troupe was established on May 31, 1977 and in 2001, it was transformed into the Ho Chi Minh City Hat Boi Art Theater ("Hat Boi Theater"). Hat Boi Art Theater has the function and task of organizing research on the art and performance style of ethnic opera and the traditional art of Southern opera; Organizing performances and exchanges at home and abroad is coordinated and linked with art units and cultural and artistic organizations at home and abroad to organize performances and exchange programs; Organizing training and fostering a team of young actors and musicians as a source of succession and supplementation for the Theater.

Head office: 125A Chau Van Liem, Ward 14, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City


Contact information for the program "Singing and Praying": Luc Pham Quynh Nhi - Phone number: 039 365 9191 or email

(*) “Ca” simply means performing, “Biện” is the sound of clapping hands, “Phấn Hành” means exciting movements. With the implication of the correlation between performance and enjoyment in order to make the profession of opera [hat boi] more prosperous, Ca Biện Phấn Hành will be a bridge for the audience to learn about opera in a methodical way.

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Every other Friday, 14 June - 09 August 2024

07:30PM - 10PM

Ho Chi Minh City Theatre of Hat Boi | 125 Chau Van Liem, Ward 14, District 5, HCMC