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 Highlights: Live music with Tonstartssbandht and The Magic Pinions & Free San Miguel on draft from 19:00 - 20:00 

Tonstartssbandht (USA)

"Regardless of where you hit play on any of their 24 solo and collective Bandcamp albums, you'll find two 
talented musicians self-recording an enormous pile of ambitious music"
- Pitchfork

"Tonstartssbandht feels like a once-in-a-lifetime band the first time you see them. And, well, also the 
second, and third time, and so on." 
- Ad Hoc

Tonstartssbandht are Andy and Edwin White, two Floridian brothers now living in Brooklyn, NY. 
While living in Canada in 2009, they began to attract attention in the Montreal loft scene with a series of self-released cassettes and legendary live shows, a period that brought them close to their now constant collaborators and friends at Arbutus Records. 
Their music explores a deep love for boogie, '60s psychedelic-rock, and choral pop. The sound of the guitar/drum duo grows in a live setting with relentless percussion, heavy riffing and angelic vocal harmonies. They navigate their souls and psyches onstage, embracing the sense of urgency, pain, and ecstasy in the human experience: humor is love, and this is basically their life. 
This vibe has brought them repeatedly throughout Russia, Europe and North America. Their solo 
projects Andy Boay and Eola separately follow this vocal psych-pop adventure into deeper and more 
abstract terrains.

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Supporting band: The Magic Pinions (UK)
First conceived as a solo project in a sub-urban Hertfordshire bedroom, The Magic Pinions low-fi, immersive music is now steadily drifting throughout venues within Ho Chi Minh City with an array of ad hoc musicians, each set is embellished with nuances, amidst sustained computer instruments live guitar, harmonica, saxophone and cajon craft a mixture between acoustic, ambient and post rock…it’s interesting, serene compositions have a strong commitment to nostalgia and calm.

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Saturday, 13 December


Saigon Outcast | 188/1 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien, D.2, Ho Chi Minh City