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Raw Agave @ Zero Station

From the organizer: Dear friends, ZeroStation would like to invite you all to our upcoming event with performance artist Jasmine Nyende in her performance "RAW AGAVE"


Agave is the Greek word for noble and is used to make tequila and nectar for sweetening (similar to honey). At full maturity, the agave plant can become 6 to 8 feet tall, storing sugars at the tip of its leaves. It metabolizes slowly, through the liver of the body to produce energy.

The performance:
Inspired by artist Joan Jonas’s alter ego Organic Honey, Raw Agave is Jasmine's wrestling with the notion of youth and respectability. Through this performance piece, Jasmine Nyende expresses the motions and actions of refining a solid into a liquid. The sturdy, tall organic matter becomes a vicious sap used for sweeting, as an alternative to sugar. It’s an investigation into what she can “get away with”, the process of uncovering the layers of the refinement and performance art as a language for this critical need for reflection. What can the experience of using space and the body as art reveal about expectations in social structures? With shifting roles and identities, Jasmine explores the intersectionality between location, objects and narrative. She uses the metaphor of processing the agave plant into nectar to relate art to something edible, useable. With Raw Agave Jasmine returns to the root, push back against the process of becoming less physical as a liquid. Solitude, chaos, frantic anonymity becomes a way of distinction, an escape from the eventual sapping nature of adulthood. Raw in conflict to manufactured, a quest to find out the true meaning of natural. In this talk, Jasmine Nyende will describe her artistic practice in digital art, art criticism, rhetorical studies, and end with the performance. There will be a short Q & A in between the talk and performance.

Artist bio:
Jasmine Nyende is from Los Angeles, CA and currently finishing her last year at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR where she studies Rhetoric & Media Studies with minor in Religious Studies. Her work was recently apart of the Ray Warren Symposium How Do I Look?: Race, Beauty and Desire at Lewis & Clark College and LC Divine Creation Art Show. Last summer, Jasmine working in video production for artist Jennifer Moon’s KCHUNG TV broadcast of Adventures Within and started the arts publication Fit, Form, Function. FFF is about expanding our vision of art to help understand the complex nature of modern society and identity formation. Through interviews, submissions of original work and writings from international artists and art criticisms and reviews, Jasmine sees the publication as a way to diversify the discourse surrounding art.

Event starts at 7:00 pm
at ZeroStation: number 12, 43th street, Lam Van Ben, Binh Thuan ward, district 7.

For more info, please contact:

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Saturday, 13 December


Zero Station | 12 Số 43 (Lâm Văn Bền perpendicular), D7, Ho Chi Minh City