Back Events Near Me » Presenting LA ROYALE [Electrique Music, Maxi Discs / MX] and VISA [Cliché Records / HK] @ The Observatory

 Better get your most durable and disco-proof dance shoes out for some exercise because they're going to be put through all sorts of adventures on this night.

LA ROYALE - a prime mover and major catalyst of Mexico's very vibrant and unique contemporary Disco scene - is visiting from across the planet to put on a live electronic and DJ performance that's going to display exactly what makes Disco such a powerful musical genre and concept in general.

Fusing a distinct latin and Mexican attitude with a bass-heavy severity, his productions have shaken up dance floors across the world with their hypnotic funkiness and force, greying the lines between disco and techno in ways that just haven't been heard before.

Joining him on the evening is one of The Observatory's key regional allies - boss of Hong Kong's Cliché Records: VISA. He's played at the old Observatory a few times, but this will be his first visit to the new venue and it's guaranteed that he'll be bringing the kind of house-focused sound magic only someone with such a high contact and affinity with music can provide.

Let's DANCE.

Support by Nic Ford [Deep Booth Records] & Hibiya Line [Cliché Records]

entrance 150k
doors 10pm


Saturday, 20 December


The Observatory | 5 Nguyen Tat Thanh, D.4, Ho Chi Minh City