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Magic Pinions & Cheezy Gangztaz @ Saigon Ranger

 This Friday, Saigon Ranger is proud to introduce the Magic Pinions and Cheezy Gangztaz at our venue.

Magic Pinions will start the show with their unique instrumental music. Melodies created as a soundtrack to long summer days, strung out evenings and the suburbs at night. 

Then, the Cheezy Gangztaz duo will raise the roof with their one mission: to make you move regardless of genres including soul, funk, jazz hop, trip hop, rock and roll or rockabilly.

Come out and enjoy this show this Friday @ Saigon Ranger.

Entry Fee: 50k


Friday, 12 June

9:00 pm

Saigon Ranger | 5/7 Nguyen Sieu, D1, Ho Chi Minh City