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MARK GERGIS (Sublime Frequencies, Sham Palace - US) @ The Observatory

 Curator of some of the most astounding collections of music from the deepest reaches of our world - from old Saigon Rock to Syrian wedding ballads - Mark Gergis aka Porest is a specialist of rare international sounds and audiovisual culture.

Mark Gergis is responsible for the release of the aeon-traversing sounds of Saigon’s finest rock and roll tracks from the 60s and 70s, immortalized in the “Saigon Rock and Soul” compilation that is the quintessential listening for anyone who’s ever felt a pang of love for the wild, volatile, often intense and seductive pull of this city. These were the tracks that formed the backdrop to life in the city for thousands of youth during that time in history. 

But that compilation is not all Gergis has been responsible for. Under the label Sublime Frequencies, he has undertaken explorations of all sorts of hidden sounds from across the world, from radio broadcasts and long lost albums from across Asia, Latin America and Africa, to discovering the former Syrian wedding singer known as Omar Souleyman who has now gone on to become a global sensation. Gergis’ knack for identifying sounds that are eternal in their relevance to the human soul and it’s need to rock ’n’ roll is unsurpassed. 

This will be a night of intrigue and dancing - don’t miss it. 


10PM / FREE before 11PM / 100K after

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Friday, 23 October

10:00 pm

The Observatory | 5 Nguyen Tat Thanh, D4, Ho Chi Minh City