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Street Arts Fest @ The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre

Arguably internationally recognized as the language of the youth, street art (graffiti art, video art, music, rap and dance) has exploded all over the world, offering a different experience of the everyday, changing urban landscapes drowning in grey walls in a near-soulless commercial world. Each work is the artists’ own statement, using stencils, spoken-word, experimental techniques in movement and technology (amongst many other forms). 

‘Street Arts Fest’ is organized by ‘The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre’ to celebrate this art form, in collaboration with ‘Giant Step Urban Gallery, showcasing the following:

-Live Graffiti Performance by artists Suby One, Rowa, Baum, Kong, Laurent Judge, Lee Wessel, Maser, Ties, Daez, Kolg (26&27 Nov)

-Street Art Market with unique Hip Hop shops (26&27 Nov)

-Artists Talk by Graffiti Artist Suby One and guests artists: DJ PhatBeatz, Rapper Đatmaniac, Dancer Fish Head (26 Nov)

-Street Arts Workshops (Graffiti, DJ, Dance) on methods and concepts. Instructors by Suby One, DJ Jin, Fish Head (26 Nov)

-Hip Hop Rapping Performance by Rapper Đat Maniac & G-Family crew (DN, Joka, Lilce, Cá Nóc, Hata, Mikeezy, B2C, Leo), Krazinoyze & friends (26&27 Nov)

- Hip Hop Music Performances by DJ Jase, DJ Jin, DJ PhatBeatz, Teddy Chilla (26&27 Nov)

- Experimental Dance Battle VOL 2. Host by Fish Head (27 Nov)

- 3 Elements Team Battle with 2 teams (Team 1: DJ Jin, Đạt Maniac, B2C, Best 4 Dancers) // Team 2: (DJ PHATBEATZ, DN, Joka, Best 4 Daners) (27 Nov)

- Performance Art. Concept Visual Art by Yen Apus, Choreographer by Fish Head, Graffiti by Suby One (27 Nov)

This party aims to enliven the property of ‘The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre’ which is comprised of an art centre and a container village offering restaurant, café, bar and co-working space. The graffiti art created at this party will remain permanently on the property, covering the walls of the container village.

The Factory looks forward to exploring the diverse world of artistic experimental expression in Ho Chi Minh City. Please join us for the festivities!

Sat, 26/11: 100k/per (not including workshops).
Workshop: 50k/workshop

Sun, 27/11: 150k/per 
All the dancers that will join "Experimental Dance Battle VOL 2" only be charged 100k at the door. (With the list)

For detailed event schedule and workshop programs, please go to:

0901 437 883 (Ms.Ha) – 0902 796 990 (Ms.Van)


26 - 27 November

12:00pm - 11:00pm

The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre | 15 Nguyen U Di, D2, Ho Chi Minh City