Mino @ Yoko Cafe

From the organizer: Mino is a Norwegian singer, pianist, composer and producer. His musical landscape leans towards soul, jazz, urban, hip-hop, RnB and world music.

Mino Music Norway and his fantastic band is playing traveling all the way from Norway to play at Yoko cafe! We hope that Saigon will take some time to sit back, relax and enjoy some comfortable, soulful and jazzy tunes in the vibrant city life!

Mino has previously cooperated with many Norwegian artists as a musician, composer and producer. He has worked with Karpe Diem, Jaa9 & OnklP, Klishe, Bankmenn, Madcon and many more. His most famous hit song is "Stjerner" with Karpe Diem, where he sang the familiar chorus and also produced the song. The song "Stjerner" went platinum in 2010.

Check out some soulful tunes here:

CC: 70k

After many years of music collaborations, Mino is finally ready to release his own music. Mino's first album "Lyser ned i mørket" (Shead light into the darkness) is sung Norwegian, as this is the language that is most natural for Mino to express himself in and at the same time he wants to put focus on Norwegian music. By singing in Norwegian, he hopes to reach out to listeners who can appreciate the Norwegian soul genre.

The album "Lyser ned i mørket" deals with taboo topics such as addiction, mental health, loneliness and guilt. Mino has experienced personal crises and bring listeners on a musical journey through public psychiatry and in the wake of this dark period. These are very current and relevant challenges that many in the community may recognize, in greater or lesser degree. Therefore Mino's message is to convey HOPE to all who have experienced or are experiencing things that are related to these toppics. Although these toppics may be somber and heavy, the music is still positive with a soulful ambience, which will hopefully make it more accessible for most people.


Thursday, 23 March

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Yoko | 22A Nguyen Thi Dieu, D3, Ho Chi Minh City

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