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L’Alya Ninh Van Bay Invites Guests to See Another Side of Nha Trang

Would you believe us if we told you that there are serene beach destinations not far from the center of Nha Trang?

Upon hearing the name of the city, many people picture drastic overdevelopment that leaves them longing for the bygone days when it was a quaint coastal town attracting hip visitors sporting the coolest trends of past eras. 

While two decades of ceaseless construction has indeed transformed the city, the environment across Ninh Vân Bay remains relatively untouched and provides an intimate glimpse into the region’s natural splendors.

A 15-minute speed boat ride across the bay’s calm, turquoise water brings guests to white sand beaches that seamlessly transition into untrammeled jungles scrambling up the mountains. While taking advantage of the tropical environment that led Nha Trang to once be praised as amongst the world’s best beach destinations and led to the boom in accommodations in Nha Trang, L’Alya Ninh Van Bay’s mindful development makes it an oasis for relaxing vacations.

L’Alya consists exclusively of private villas that prioritize privacy and discretion over maximizing occupancy. In addition to views of the beach, ocean and/or lagoon, each free-standing structure has its own swimming pool and dedicated butler service which allows guests to feel as if they have the entire peninsula to themselves. The bold Vietnamese design and architecture reliant on rich wood and sleek stone conjure feelings of idyllic escapes to not only a remote destination but a removed sense of time itself.

Lush tropical vegetation covers the mountains that rise in the backdrop and provide a startling contrast to the white sand stretching beside the shimmering water. Many are content to stare at this postcard-worthy scene from the luxurious comforts of their room, but L’Alya also allows guests to venture into nature and explore the diversity of plants and animals found there. Bird calls titter above the trees punctuated by colorful flowers while the occasional chipmunk darts across the pathways that stretch across streams. Taking the resort’s Jungle Rock Trail or Mountain Trail leads guests to expansive views of the entire area's stunning region that contains complex mangrove forests where roots interlock like intricate puzzle pieces and clouds tesselate in the clear air above rugged islands.

Hiking is not the only activity that entices guests to leave their rooms at L’Alya, however. Kayaks are an ideal way to slowly explore the peaceful coastline and diverse ecosystems while getting some exercise. Similarly, yoga, taichi and spa treatments that can be enjoyed on the beach help rejuvenate one’s body and mind while the lulling sound of waves loops in the background. Movies are regularly screened on the beach and guests can also use rustic bamboo fishing tackles to catch meals the kitchen can prepare or create herbal bags with local ingredients under the guidance of staff therapists. 

In addition to these regular activities, during special holidays, L’Alya offers unique means to celebrate the occasion. For example, the recent Tết festival involved lion dance performances and bánh chưng making.

L’Alya’s serene environment and indulgent services lead people to want to treat their bodies well. Thankfully, the resort’s food options include healthy, organic meals. The resort’s garden allows for farm-to-table dining that takes advantage of the abundant fresh seafood in the area. Moreover, romance abounds at the private dining experiences held at various intimate locations.

Guests typically visit L’Alya Ninh Van Bay for two nights to fully enjoy the atmosphere, activities and food. The brief getaways are made possible because of the resort’s accessibility. A mere 50 to 60-minute drive from Nha Trang’s convenient airport, residents of Saigon and other metropolis are amazed by how quickly they can find themselves surrounded by peaceful isolation that puts them in closer contact with sustainable nature and relaxed mindstates. 

Many people may wonder what it would have been like had Nha Trang gone in a more responsible development direction that preserved the coast’s natural beauty. Thankfully, they don’t have to merely imagine such a scenario if they travel to L’Alya Ninh Van Bay. Its many pleasures comfort travels with the knowledge that even near one of Vietnam’s most trafficked tourist destinations, a sense of private commune with the world is achievable.


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