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By providing safe and nurturing environments for students to learn, grow and develop, the best schools function as a home-away-from-home. When children feel comfortable in their surroundings, supported by their peers and mentored by their teachers, schools serve as an extension of a family’s values and vision.

With a villa-style campus, tight-knit student body, holistic curriculum, and strong sense of community amongst parents, European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS) in Thao Dien provides a unique learning environment. On the 26th of March, the school is inviting parents and potential students to see the school in person during an Open Day. A tour led by faculty members and the opportunity to ask questions will help families gain a greater understanding of what makes EIS special.

During the Open Day, families can also discover EIS Merit Scholarships, life-changing opportunities for students that have excelled academically. EIS is proud that many of the extraordinary students who earned the scholarships have gone on to receive scholarships from prestigious universities around the world such as Kings College London, University of Toronto, University of Amsterdam and Savannah College of Arts and Design. EIS Merit Scholarships’ applications are open now for new students entering Grade 10 - Grade 11 during the 2022-2023 academic year. 

The familiar phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” gains another meaning when considering the EIS campus. Unlike traditional schools that consist of large, blocky buildings that contain numerous grades and subjects, EIS features 13 villas and two modern, purpose-built buildings in addition to a 25-meter swimming pool with heating system, rooftop sports facility, tennis courts, three new science laboratories, a design  think innovation space and a multi-purpose room. Students can also run and play in the grass beneath shade-granting trees and enjoy informal hangout areas filled with beanbag chairs. Indeed, the quiet, homey campus feels more like a small town than a school, which puts students at ease. 

When Saigoneer visited EIS several years ago to speak with current students, they were eager to share a recent triumph where they united to lobby the school to allow them to receive outside food deliveries during their lunch. The small anecdote not only revealed the significant role the students play in school decisions, but also how close the students are with one another. The diverse group of soon-to-be graduates we sat with laughed while finishing each other's sentences when sharing stories of their fondest memories together. Faculty routinely boast that at EIS, students make life-long friends, and considering the small class sizes and the school’s emphasis on collaboration and co-operation, it is easy to see why. 

Such a holistic approach means that EIS students not only excel in conventional subjects as exemplified by the high International Baccalaureate (IB) test scores and university placements, but they also acquire skills and experiences that benefit them outside of the classroom. Regular assemblies and workshops touch on topics such as how to create and follow budgets, basic first aid, drug and alcohol safety, and sexual education. Teachers supplement coursework with practical life skills such as sewing and cooking, while sports, arts and volunteer opportunities help students identify and explore passions beyond academics.

Relationships lie at the core of EIS’ achievements. With small classrooms, close bonds develop between the carefully selected educators and students, which helps them personalize each student’s learning goals, methods and paths. Similarly, parents have ample opportunities to interact with faculty and be involved in their children’s academic careers via easy communication and meetings, chances to attend and assist with performances, events and holidays and formal and informal parent networks. Parents, teachers and students thus collaborate closely to build a loving, supportive environment.

Reading about the different programs, successes and values of EIS helps families understand what makes the school unique. But seeing it in person and actually meeting the committed educators that students will spend five days a week with leaves a greater impression.

As John Veitch, EIS Head of School & Head of Middle and High School, notes: “We truly believe that EIS is a brilliant choice for parents to bring their students here to learn and to grow. All of our parents comment that they like our facilities and grounds. They have a beautiful feel to the place: it is calm, inviting and it is the place where people just want to be.”

EIS Open Day registration page.



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