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[Video] Saigon’s Food, Nightlife, and Culture Revealed to Australian Singer

Saigon captivates visitors with its vibrant energy and rich cultural heritage. From Nguyễn Huệ walking street’s lively atmosphere to the tantalizing aroma of bánh xèo, the city offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition.

In a collaboration with RMIT Vietnam, Los Angeles-based, Australian singer, songwriter, and producer Jack Gray embarked on a journey through the city, exploring its essence alongside Nguyễn Khánh Chi, an enthusiastic RMIT Professional Communication student from the University’s Buddy team.

The Buddy team, a key support network for international students at RMIT Vietnam, plays a pivotal role in helping them to settle into the country and embrace Vietnamese culture while studying at RMIT. Guided city tours, cooking classes, welcome dinners, Vietnamese language lessons, and community engagement trips are just a few of the activities that foster a warm and inclusive environment for everyone.

During his visit to RMIT Vietnam, Jack teamed up with students from the School of Communication & Design (Digital Media) for the Music Video Production course, an exceptional Work Integrated Learning (WIL) activity. This collaboration provided Jack with the opportunity to immerse himself in Vietnamese culture and explore the vibrancy of Saigon.

The resulting video takes viewers on a captivating journey through the cultural wonders of the city. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, it showcases the essence of Saigon as seen through the eyes of an international friend.
Jack experienced Vietnamese coffee by enjoying the aromatic flavors of the renowned beverage brewed using a traditional coffee sock method. He also explored the cultural heritage of the city by visiting Chùa Bà temple in District 5. Taking his exploration further, Jack embraced the vibrant ambiance of Bến Thành market by navigating its bustling aisles. Not one to miss out on culinary adventures, Jack sampled scrumptious bánh xèo, savoring every bite of the crispy pancakes filled with flavourful ingredients. To complete his experience, Chi and Jack strolled along Nguyễn Huệ walking street to get a sense of the city’s energy.

The project represents more than just a visual exploration of the city; it celebrates the power of music, culture, and friendship.

Saigon’s vibrant atmosphere and unique charm have left a mark on Jack. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with RMIT Vietnam students, remarking that the experience provided him with a deeper understanding of Vietnamese culture and a newfound appreciation for the city.

“It is such an amazing city. You can really see the culture and the heritage on every street corner. It is a beautiful way of life, and the people are so awesome,” Jack said.

Prepare to be enthralled by the sights, sounds, and stories that await you in this visual journey. It is a genuine testament to the city's ability to mesmerize and inspire.

Join Jack and Chi as they navigate the vibrant streets, taste the local delicacies, and encounter the warmth and hospitality of Saigon.