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2 Vietnamese Who Entered Phu Quoc Illegally Test Positive for Covid-19

Here we go again?

Tuoi Tre reports that two 25-year-old Vietnamese women who illegally entered Phu Quoc by boat from Cambodia tested positive for COVID-19 after reaching the mainland.

One woman has a registered address in Vinh Long Province, and on Monday she traveled to Saigon after arriving on Phu Quoc from Cambodia. On Wednesday, she went to FV Hospital for a COVID-19 test, and her result came back positive on Thursday. She is now in isolation in Cu Chi District.

The second woman is registered in Quang Ninh Province, and she flew from Phu Quoc to Hanoi on VietJet flight VJ458 on Monday. She then traveled to Hai Phong in a private car and went to Vinmec Hai Phong Hospital to be tested, where her result was positive. She was on the flight with a companion, who has tested negative for COVID-19 thus far.

According to Deputy Minister of Health Đỗ Xuân Tuyên, these cases don't count as community infections, as the patients entered Vietnam illegally. He ordered Saigon authorities to closely monitor local immigration to quickly detect other illegal entrants.

Health officials are currently undertaking contact tracing related to both cases, and anyone who was on flight VJ458 on Monday is urged to contact their local health office. In Hai Phong, students in three communes have been sent home early as a safety measure.

[Photo via Tin Tuc]

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