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Wine & Ham - The Continuation of Spain in Wine and Ham

In the evening of June 2nd at Annam Gourmet Market Saigon Center, our V.I.P guests had a infatuated night party Wine & Ham.

The protagonist of the party is Blazquez Ham – the famous luxury ham from Spain which incubated in 6 years to get the special flavor. Combined with the ham, there were many famous wines from Spain which brought our guest a memorable experience in that night party.

The party welcomes guests with classic saxophone rhythm in a luxurious and cozy space of the lounge at Annam Gourmet Saigon Center. At the beginning of the party, Ms Louisa - the representative of Jamones Blazquez brand, brought the diners an interesting story about how to produce the high-quality ham Jamones Iberico Bellota Blazquez.

The process of raising and producing a bellota ham product that took six years, including two years for breeding and four years for incubating the meat. Iberico Black Pig is a rare breed of pig that only appears and raised in Spain and partly in Portugal. They only eat grass, acorns and walnuts. They also practice under a special regime to ensure the nutritional content and firmness of flesh. After that, the meat will be brewed for 4 years with salt, spices and herbs according to the special recipe of the Blazquez brand to produce the best unique ham in the world.

The lean protein content of Iberico Bellota Blazquez is very high. Their fat is not like normal grease, it contains good fats which is good for health and do not contain high cholesterol like olive oil. The meat is quite succulent and juicy because of the taste of acorns in the palate. In Spanish, Bellota means acorn and because this ham has a characteristic acorn flavor so the name Bellota was born for it.

The Chef Ramone from Spain is performing how to cut the meat in the curiosity and excitement of diners. Each piece of meat will have a length of 3-4 cm and is sliced to 0.5mm. 

The party was held successfully with pleased and happy guests. Hope that Annam Gourmet Market brought the guests to the joyful journey of cuisines around the world and give them the "great food - good times".


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