American Eye Center

American Eye Center (AEC) is Vietnam’s leading eye care center.

Housed in facilities which meets American standards, equipped with the latest equipment and operated by a team of foreign trained professional specialists, AEC brings to Vietnam a standard of eye care services comparable to any other internationally accepted center worldwide. Their services have been recognized and are highly recommended by both the local and expatriate community in Vietnam for their range of services, standard and quality of professionalism, attentiveness and care.

Dedicated to raising the standards of eye care in Vietnam, AEC provides a one-stop center of excellence for the family’s eye care needs, providing a holistic approach from preventive measures in early childhood to corrective measures in adults and the elderly.

Very often misunderstood is that eye care starts from very young (the youngest patient at AEC was 4 weeks old at the time of treatment). Vision problems affect one in 20 preschoolers and one in four school aged children which can result in poor academic performance. A child’s school success depends on healthy eyes and good vision since 80% of learning is vision based. Being very young and not being able to communicate effectively, young children very often suffer in silence from vision problems. Early and regular examination is therefore highly recommended. AEC has been detecting and addressing problems such as myopia, congenital cataract, strabismus, amblyopia in children regularly over the years.

Adulthood and old age bring their own set of eye ailments which apart from myopia also include cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration. The increasing affluent of the Vietnamese society also means higher incidence of diabetes which can lead to diabetic retinopathy, which in serious cases can lead to vision loss. AEC regularly detects and treats all of the above conditions.

For today’s adults who value freedom and are highly mobile AEC offers freedom from glasses and lenses through LASIK and PRELEX corrective surgeries. PRELEX, the latest surgery technique not only corrects vision but also addresses future cataract. This eliminates the need for cataract surgery in the later years and the lens last a lifetime.


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