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Golf Valley Hotel: A unique architecture symbol in Dalat city

The Gothic elegant ceiling at Golf Valley Hotel

Located in Golf Valley Cultural & Resort Complex, Golf Valley Hotel is becoming an attractive destination in the center of Dalat city with unique and eye-catching architecture.

The hotel is sparkling and fanciful at night

Golf Valley Hotel is neutral between rigidity and softness, while the exterior is a unique folding form, the interior brings a feeling of lissom and flexibility by color and light, inspired by the mountains of Da Lat plateau. Natural golden tone of basalt combined with original cold green grass creates the warmth and elegance for hotel work. Golf Valley Hotel easily conquers the most selective guests, pampers the need to enjoy life, awakens positive energy sources of residents and visitors.

Unique staircase like a blooming flower, welcoming natural light

Not only feel relaxed and peaceful in a sophisticated architectural complex, but visitors to Golf Valley Hotel also experience high-quality services, from luxurious Valley Cafe serve diversity Eurasian cuisine, Mimosa Lounge Bar towards the deep green pine forest, to premier Spa service and fully equipped Gym & Fitness.

Luxurious Valley Cafe space

With the companion of UHMGROUP - UHM GROUP is a corporation specialised in consulting, setting up, managing operations of high-end hotels and resorts of high-end hotels and resorts, Golf Valley Hotel will surely be a luxurious, classy and point-based hotel and be the most exciting arrival you can't miss in the journey of exploring the land of fog. 


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94 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2, Dalat City