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ERADICATE ACNE - Gentle Treatment to Reduce or Prevent Scarring

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 90% of young people will suffer from acne, and 20–30% will bear the scars for life.

IT CAN’T BE PREVENTED, but we CAN prevent or reduce the pigmentation and scarring that are commonly caused by the disease.

GET TREATMENT EARLY. Progressive modern therapies can stop acne in its tracks without the need for aggressive “pizza face” remedies that can permanently mark you with crusty skin and heavy discoloration. The earlier you start a treatment program, the faster and more effective the results can be.

RETINOIDS administered orally or as a topical cream are by far the best treatment for acne. Taking low doses over a long period of time reduces side effects and leaves your skin smooth and pimple free as the disease fades.

SCAR REMOVAL is now possible for sufferers of acne who have already been afflicted with facial scarring. Amongst other treatments, we provide CARBOXYTHERAPY to treat facial scars with a gentle gas injection under the dermal layer.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUFFER from this inflammatory disease.

Dr. Ruben Martinez-Castejon
Internal Medicine (Dermatology Subspecialty)
Dr. Ruben Martinez-Castejon has been the referral point for skin-related conditions at FMP since 2012. He obtained a postgraduate diploma in dermatology at Cardiff University and studied dermoscopy with the finest experts in the field. He now manages our scar care unit, featuring the best of modern treatments.

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