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Founded in November 2023 by Camellia Dinh, The Brand Promise stands firm in the belief that authentic branding, strategic planning, and trust are the game-changers. The team are all about that growth mindset, dynamism, and professionalism, woven into the fabric of how they operate. Within four months of operation, the company has achieved significant milestones by establishing partnerships with Club Med, SODÅ, and STONE Accounting Group.

Starting her journey as a Club Med G.O (Gentil Organisateur) on an Australian island at the age of 18, Camellia's story unfolds. Her passion for hospitality led her to traverse diverse regions in Australia, living and working in Canberra and Sydney. From there, she advanced to the role of Hotel Pre-Opening Director of Sales and Marketing, overseeing three triumphant launches of hotels and resorts across Vietnam from Northern, Central to Southern regions.

Continuing to pursue excellence, Camellia furthered her education to obtain an Executive MBA from RMIT University, where she then serves as an Associate Lecturer, imparting invaluable insights to the future generations of hospitality professionals.

In late 2023, Camellia entered the realm of entrepreneurship, assuming the roles of Founder and CEO - Chief Everything Officer at CAMELLIA DINH | The Brand Promise.

Commenting on her entrepreneurial journey, Camellia stated, "We set no boundaries for outreach to our partners and clients across the globe, as long as our values are complemented. We may have started yesterday, yet our client base has been growing with the clock, marking the swift expansion of our influence in the dynamic world of digital branding. As we look to the future of work, we're excited about crafting a thriving culture, not only just within our associates but also extending to all our partners".

Recently, The Brand Promise has successfully concluded the 2024 First Partners' Briefing Series with events held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, focusing on their key distinctive partners: Club Med, SODÅ, and STONE Accounting Group. This signifies a strategic alliance in branding, PR, communication, and related domains, reinforcing their commitment to delivering promises and values to the world on the journey ahead.

About Club Med – Pioneer in exceptional holidays

Since 1950, Club Med has been creating exceptional holiday memories for families and couples, currently with 70+ resorts present in 30 countries around the world. Club Med has been the pioneer of Kid Clubs, an all-inclusive concept that offers upscale holiday packages with a French touch and is the biggest snow holidays supplier in the world. From transfers, sports and activities, gourmet cuisine and premium spirits, child-care facilities to entertainment and parties, they have everything covered all day and as many times as they want; so travelers can forget about logistics on the trip. Find more at

About SODÅ | Hotel Management Platform

The platform provides tailored and integrated management services for pre-opening and operational hotels, empowering independent hotel owners and hospitality groups to achieve their full potential and grow their dream hotels.

With Vietnam as their home ground, SODÅ's founders, Alvaro Moreno and Jacobo Priegue, use their hospitality expertise to champion free-spirited hotels and emerging hospitality groups. They aim for nothing less than top-tier, world-class hospitality by pushing boundaries in hotel management to create the best version of every hotel. Find more at

About STONE Accounting Group

Co-founded by Rodney Stone and Lydia Atwell, STONE Accounting Group is an Australian-based accounting and advisory firm committed to delivering professional services directly to clients worldwide, covering every aspect of accounting, tax, business advisory and franchise accounting, ensuring a premium service experience. Find more at