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Luxury and the Lifestyle Connoisseur in Ho Chi Minh City

Voluminous open-space living with views as far as the eye can see.

Simply, luxury is defined as a state of great comfort and extravagant living. However, what does ‘luxury’ actually mean to the growing number of ‘lifestyle connoisseurs’ in Ho Chi Minh City? Furthermore, is this word, often synonymised with other such words as sumptuous, magnificent and splendorous, being over or misused in the current real estate market?

“Luxury is a subjective concept,” said Ms Nguyen Thu An, Managing Editor of Robb Report, a regional luxury magazine. “For one person it might be an expensive Hermes bag, while to another person it could be an exclusive trip on a yacht through the Arctic.”

Mr David Hodkinson, Design Director of Noor, an international master planning, architecture and interior design agency located in Ho Chi Minh City, says luxury is as experiential as it is a connection to place. “For some [a connection to place] might be an escape from where they are, but for others it’s the physical space they’re in – whether that is a material connection or a beautiful view, it’s something that gives you a true feeling for where you are.”

The Sky Residences at City Garden have done just that – taken natural stones, woods and marbles as well as imported appliances to create a comfortable and contemporary environment of peace and tranquillity at nearly 100 metres in the sky, giving residents an escape from the hectic streets below. On the other hand, a tremendous feeling of built-in volume achieved with soaring ceilings is further enhanced by panoramic views of Ho Chi Minh City’s beautiful skyline, connecting residents to the ever-changing city below.

“Luxury is about having a wonderful sense of space,” said Mr Nguyen Ba Duong, Chairman and CEO of Coteccons, a leading Vietnamese construction group. “More than larger residences in general … luxury is openness – open-plan living spaces, seamless indoor and outdoor flow, stunning views.”

As Ho Chi Minh City’s real estate market continues to grow and sees a number of projects claiming to be luxury, where only a handful truly embody the definition, it is important for consumers to maintain a discerning eye when it comes to quality and design.

“Luxury stems from the vision of the developer,” said Mr Duong. “From the creation of the masterplan it becomes more detailed as the process continues, all the way down to how people will live in and enjoy their new residence from day to day. This requires considered planning, the right choice of materials and the highest quality of construction. We’ve worked closely with Refico over the course of many years to ensure City Garden provides true luxury living all of our teams can be proud of.”

Luxury lives 100 metres above the hectic city streets

“When looking for a true lifestyle apartment for my family, my priorities include quiet, private living spaces of smart design which have been backed by reputable investors,” said Ms An. “I want to live in an ecological space dense with trees and beautiful landscaping where I share similar values and views with the rest of the community.”

The Sky Residences at City Garden meet the definitions and requirements of the city’s ‘lifestyle connoisseurs’, having paid close attention to detail and design while also providing ample space and natural lighting. Those who know property intimately and understand the value of it will tell you it’s about the opulence of space almost more than the opulence of materials.

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