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[Photos] Saigon's Quirky Signs Display the City's Character

It’s impossible to talk about the charm of Saigon without mentioning the diverse range of its colorful signage.

In a recent photo essay for Tuoi Tre, photographer Nghia Coco took to the streets to seek out Saigon’s most quirky signs. In the end, Nghia found a few prime examples of Saigoneers’ artistic flair, as demonstrated by the sleek calligraphy and sassy attitude in the writing.

Apart from aesthetically pleasing hand-painted signs, city dwellers also use signposts as a way to showcase their altruism. All around the city, one can stumble upon various signs giving directions to out-of-towners, especially in the vicinity of hospitals. Many residents from neighboring provinces travel to Saigon on a daily basis to seek medical treatment and can fall victim to hustlers from sketchy clinics.

Have a look at some quirky examples of Saigon’s signage below:

A banner for a tailor shop with an old-school typeface.

A mom-and-pop shop.

A blackboard at a local coffee shop with quirky notes. The WiFi password means: "It's more fun to talk to each other."

A sleek hand-painted poem at Saigon's prestigious 60-year-old Thach Che Hien Khanh.

A sign with directions to the Tu Du Obstetrics Hospital in District 1.

A neighborhood barbershop.

A sign in a hẻm cautioning motorists to slow down as there are many children in the area.

A sign giving parents directions to Saigon's Pediatrics Hospital.

[Photos by Nghia Coco via Tuoi Tre]

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