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Across the Forest - Mini Art & Music Festival @ Da Lat

Space Monkies PRESENTS:

Mini art & Music festival - ACROSS THE FOREST



Time: 24 hours, December 8-9th, 2018
Venue: Dalat, Vietnam

This is not a philological or etymological study out of a desire to somehow enrich one’s linguistic wealth or to help them better express themselves across mediums.
Nor a tangible journey across the surface of existence, which in ways resembles our habitual labelling as if our own coinages, that does not take its roots from one’s innerspace, a place that upon a brief touch can move us to (invisible) tears of joy and sorrow.
Obviously, at any moment, someone’s consciousness can seamlessly enter ours, not due to the semblance ours bear, but when…

Into nature, we long not for nature alone.
Into nature, we long not to attempt the impossible deed that is to shake off the entire civilizations behind.
Coming into nature and realizing, perhaps, and even in our not so and always sober state, where we might belong, in a brieftest of a glance.

Our artists and performers alike, endowed and enmeshed by the richness of past experiences as well as their venture, semi consciously, into new ones such as this one, would live to weave and thresh collective experience into its core, not only by and among themselves but also contributed and enriched by audiences’ narratives. We, not they, construe and construct our own fresh consciousness from old and existing ones. The communication, and let it, never cease, transcending the borders, geographical and emotional, conscious and unconscious, voluntary and semi deliberate, and becoming closest to nature itself.

>>>>>>> LINE - UP:

Kuru Circus & Orchestra( India)

Sound Awakener(Hanoi, Vietnam)

Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective( Saigon, Vietnam)

OPN AIR DRG MKT(Saigon, Vietnam)

And Open mic/ open performance

We welcome anybody with an interest in music, sound art, poetry, visual art or artistic expression to perform a piece and design an activity which incorporates audience participation and engages listeners.
Whether a poets, filmmarker, visual artist, musician, sound artist or not. Willing participants are welcome to bring an instrument/artwork or just themselves.

We can play with those limits by examining the space between different creative, languages and performance.


Ticket package including: tent with hot blanket picnic tools, food (4 meals + BBQ party + water + Platinum beers ) + travel insurance + pick-up bus from central Dalat city to the destination )

(Note: Attendee must purchase the ticket package, we do not sell only ticket for performance)

*** Phase 1: (5/11/2018 - 18/11/2018)

SINGLE TICKET (1 person/leash with a tent group): 2.000.000 vnđ
COUPLE TICKET ( 2 persons / couple tent): 4.500.000 vnđ
GROUP TICKET (6 persons / group tent with 6 people): 11.400.000 vnđ

*** Phase 2: ( 18/11/2018 - 5/12/2018)

SINGLE TICKET (1 person/leash with a tent group): 2.300.000 vnđ
COUPLE TICKET ( 2 persons / couple tent): 5.000.000 vnđ
GROUP TICKET (6 persons / group tent with 6 people): 13.200.000 vnđ

*** We sell extra BUS TICKETS for attendees will travel with artists:

+ from Saigon to Dalat on the evening of December 7th, 2018 : 200.000 vnđ/ 1 person/ 1 ticket
+ from Dalat to Saigon on the evening of December 10th, 2018 : 200.000 vnđ/ 1 person/ 1 ticket

Follow the moon follow the moon follow the moon.

 THE ORGANIZER - SPACE MONKIES: Space Monkies as a concept is the trailing perception, the revealing and expanding space surrounding the monkies, in their limited yet improving mindscape, as the exploration continues. not tied up nor beholden to a single medium, platform, discipline or narrative, space monkies is in and of itself an under-construction path towards greater diversity and expression.

 SPONSORS: Platinum Craftbeer, Nha Nhim Homestay, Sol'Bass Studio

 SUPPORTED BY: Dalat Minsk Adventure

 MEDIA PARTNERS:Hanoi Grapevine,YAN News, Asia Life,Saigoneer
For further information, please contact:

Email: /

Hotline: (+84) 81 555 7770 ( Miss Hoang An) 


Saturday, December 8 - Sunday, December 9

3:00pm - 3:00pm

Da Lat