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Aum Festival @ SchillerSaigon

“Aum”- The sound of creator. Is the everlasting sound which is representative of all things monumental, elated and eternal.

Because of that sound, we’re able to achieve a connection between all things natural and spiritual.
We’re adopting the sound of “Aum” for the pairing of this event and we hope that it will symbolize the bond between all things together on our planet.
All in in all!
Join together, share to reach the perfect unity.

The Aum Festival is a one day, non-profit event which will focus on wellness and self-transformation through a variety of inspirational talks about various forms of yoga, meditation and movement by holistic professionals.
The goal of this festival is to connect and engage with a community of like-minded individuals who want to live a more authentic life.


Aum Festival | Sun 24 Mar | 15:00 to 22:00

15:00 - Ms.Ha ( Schiller club )
+ Introduction about the event and all of the participating guest speakers and vendors
+ Information about the wellness activities which will being held later @ Schiller.

15:30 - Master Prathap ( Nirvarna Yoga & Ayurveda School , Taipei )
+ Ayurveda & Yoga

16:30 - Ms. Lê Thúy Hà (At Ha’s boutique studio )
+ Talk about Thai Massage

17:00 - Master Guy Gonyea ( Omega Human )
+ “ Know your Self and all else will be known “

17:30 - Master Prathap ( Nirvana Yoga & Ayurveda School )
+ Introduction to Yoga with Mantras.

18:30 - Mr.Tú ( Lamien )
+ Introduction about retreat erea .

19:00 - Master Truong Chi Cuong ( Mộc Yoga studio )
- Master Nguyen Cam Van ( Chuông Yoga studio )
+ Performs and invites audience to participate in advanced Yoga.

20:00 - Psy-gon Therapy Music ( Jan Moser : Hang drum , DJ Cray Schizoid )
+ Open stage for everyone, lead by Ms.Ilse and Ms.An
( Cái Tổ Nhỏ )
+ Movement and contemporary dance.

+ Closing the event with Flower Garlands and Coloured Lanterns.

In the garden there will be an array of local business vendors who will provide delicious vegetarian and vegan foods and share organic products, original art and handmade items throughout the day.

The aum festival aims to manifest a community gathering that embodies an open-minded, inclusive and creative atmosphere.


Please contact the SchillerSaigon page directly if you are interested in participating as a vendor at this event.
Please note no plastic at this event! Bring your own reusable bags for shopping. Thanks everyone!


Sunday, 24 March

3:00pm - 10:00pm

SchillerSaigon | 30 Duong So 10, P. Hiep Binh Chanh, Thu Duc, HCMC