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Ride for Life Rally @ Mount Temple Chau Thoi

The inaugural RIDE for LIFE Rally - April 28/29 - 2019

The Audium Army and nation 7 – motorcycle adventures have teamed up to raise funds for ‘Today’s Child Victims of Agent Orange’ at Peace-Village Tu-Du Hospital.

All proceeds from the ride, fundraiser, and donations go towards reaching our target of 25,000,000 VND.

The inaugural RIDE for LIFE Rally is a 2-day fundraising campaign held on April 28/29, Sunday & Monday.

There are two ride categories for people to choose from, ‘the Road Ride’, and ‘the Off-Road Ride’. Both rides will begin at the same start point and time with all riders together. The two groups will then split and head along separate routes before reuniting at approximately 5 pm at the Green Bamboo Lodge in Cat Tien.

Each ride will have two guides, a Ride Leader, and a Pack Minder to pick up anyone falling behind. We also have a support vehicle to carry all riders luggage that will meet the ‘Road Riders’ at our lunch stop before continuing on to the destination.

This ride suits any style of rider who enjoys a casual day on the bike/scooter. There will be frequent drink stops, and a few photo stops also. The ride distance is 165 km on day 1, and 160 km on day 2. Although we will only be riding for a little over 4 hours, it will be an 8 to 9 hour day including rest stops and lunch.

All styles of bike are welcome to join. From a Honda Cub to a Harley Davidson, you won't get left behind. Pillion riders (passengers) will also enjoy the day.

The Off-Road Ride
This ride suits intermediate to experienced riders who like a challenge. You can expect to walk away smiling with a layer of mud over yourself, and your bike. If you like a bit of grit in your teeth, this is the ride for you. The ride distance is 180 km (60 km Off-Road) on day 1, and 210 km (45 km Off-Road) on day 2. With luck the rains will make the river crossing worth while.

Only Off-Road, Road Trail, and Adventure bikes allowed; 125 cc and above. Beginner riders will get left behind.

Start Time: 8 am on Sunday April 28
Meet time is 7:30 am near the Chau Thoi Mt Temple in Binh Duong

For more details, go to the event page:


Sunday, April 29

8:00 am - 5:00pm the next day 

Mount Temple Chau Thoi | Highway 1K, Binh Duong



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