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The Noise We See | Private Preview@ The Hummingbird Cafe Saigon

Join us to welcome artworks from artists Nathan Larson, Phan Dinh Khanh, and Darren Tynan at the private preview of The Noise We See at The Hummingbird Cafe Saigon. Kindly RSVP to or Sign up via our Facebook event!

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see” Edgar Degas ( b.1834, d.1917) The French impressionist painter defines art as to show us something that is not a replica of a reality that we can see. Rather, art can make others see what might otherwise be intangible - feelings, memories, and impressions.

In the same line, the three exhibited artists in The Noise We See use the means offered by modern photography and alternative printing methods, to create artworks that depict something beyond a decisive moment. Phan Dinh Khanh overlaps several layers of images, with colour alterations, before printing the unique results on canvas. The material produces a hazy manifestation of entangled memories. With the help of drone camera, Nathan Larson photographs Ho Chi Minh City from above, and silkscreen and transfer print onto canvas with bright colour swatches from the Air Quality Index. The brightly coloured landscapes convey the impression of a dynamic and changing city. On the other hand, Darren Tynan directly interferes with television signal, and then photograph the portraits that emerge through the glitches. The faces appear as one with the digital maze, barely recognizable, leading us to question their human nature.

Far from faithfully capturing moments that they see, faces, buildings, and electrical wires quietly emerge onto their artworks out of a colour haze, cloudy noise, and saturated washes. With the camera, light becomes their brushstrokes, painting stories of time layering memories on top of each other, humanity trapped in a digital matrix, and the air pollution that surrounds us…

Asiahues, in collaboration with The Hummingbird Cafe Saigon, are pleased to present the works of Darren Tynan, Phan Dinh Khanh and Nathan Larson. They all have been internationally exhibited and their works are continually finding their way into private collections.


Friday, 19 July

6:30pm - 8:30pm

The Hummingbird Cafe Saigon | 5H Ton Duc Thang, D1, Ho Chi Minh City