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mothpeople /sessions #3 - Baraka (US, 1992) @ Bann Bar & Cuisine

mothpeople will be back with the third edition of /sessions on the 22nd of August at Bann Bar, one of Saigon's most refreshing venues dedicated to music and the arts, with a delightful selection of carefully-crafted cocktails and great vibes.

Also starting this edition, check out our new /sessions cocktail created by the wonderful people at Bann called "the moth." (or "mothpeople cocktail" will do too) :D

/sessions is a film club-esque concept where we screen a selected film every fortnight and after the screening ends, we have a little discussion about the film, as well as specific topics related to each film. This event is catered to those who view films as a catalyst for discussion, instead of just a source of entertainment. Our objective is to create a culture where we watch films together. and then turn it into a proper 2-way discussion about what the film meant to you.

We encourage all attendees to participate in this.

students, pay any amount you want.
>VND100,000 (general)
>VND120,000 (+ popcorn)
>VND200,000 (+ 1 TeTe Beer or Cocktail)
>VND250,000 (+ 1 Tete Beer or Cocktail + popcorn)

Bann Bar's Happy Hours will go on between 6pm-8pm: buy 1 get 1 for your next round on (only) Classic Cocktails & Mixed drinks at same or lower price.


/session #3:
Title: Baraka
Country: United States
Released: 1992
Directed By: Ron Fricke
Total Running Time: 97 Minutes (1h37m)
Language: No Dialogue

Discussion Topics: photography and cinematography in storytelling - we will also share some of our own professional knowledge on how we incorporate storytelling into our own work as photographers and filmmakers.


Named after a Sufi word that translates roughly as "breath of life" or "blessing," Baraka is Ron Fricke's impressive follow-up to Godfrey Reggio's non-verbal documentary film Koyaanisqatsi.

Fricke was cinematographer and collaborator on Reggio's film, and for Baraka he struck out on his own to polish and expand the photographic techniques used on Koyaanisqatsi. The result is a tour-de-force in 70mm: a cinematic "guided meditation" (Fricke's own description) shot in 24 countries on six continents over a 14-month period that unites religious ritual, the phenomena of nature, and man's own destructive powers into a web of moving images.

Fricke's camera ranges, in meditative slow motion or bewildering time-lapse, over the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, the Ryoan-Ji temple in Kyoto, Lake Natron in Tanzania, burning oil fields in Kuwait, the smoldering precipice of an active volcano, a busy subway terminal, tribal celebrations of the Masai in Kenya, chanting monks in the Dip Tse Chok Ling monastery...and on and on, through locales across the globe.

To execute the film's time-lapse sequences, Fricke had a special camera built that combined time-lapse photography with perfectly controlled movements of the camera. In one evening sequence a desert sky turns black, and the stars roll by, as the camera moves slowly forward under the trees. The feeling is like that of viewing the universe through a powerful telescope: that we are indeed on a tiny orb hurtling through a star-filled void. The film is complemented by the hybrid world-music of Michael Stearns. ~ Anthony Reed, Rovi


Rotten Tomatoes Score: 81%
IMDb Score: 8.6/10

Thursday, 22 August

7:30pm - 11:59pm

Bann Bar & Cuisine | 71C, Dong Khoi Street, District 1, HCM