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VR/AR + Painting exhibition: 1723 @ Salon Saigon

A painting exhibition with cutting-edge technology

Lananh Lê and Jodeyiam

Entrance fee:

Ticketbox: 150.000 VND (student and Salon Saigon member: 100.000 VND)

At door: 200.000 VND (student and Salon Saigon member: 150.000 VND)

Salon Saigon is pleased to present a painting exhibition combining with technology named 1723. 17 goes for Jodeyiam the creative developer and 23 the painter. 1723 would love to create a silent note in a vivid urban song of Saigon, hopefully, the citizens just leave the overwhelming lifestyle behind for a moment and give some space for a far far away countryside land.

* Experiences during the painting exhibition:

The transition, visual projection

The outdoors space at Salon Saigon and the balcony are projected nature images with sounds from a rural area.

Look… the forest is singing, Augmented Reality

AR (Augmented Reality) creates more interesting interactive with the exhibited artworks with a smartphone. For example, when you open an AR app and swipe the camera to the canvas, a little tree or a character on the painter will dance on the screen. During the exhibition, the still artworks have moving images and 3d models along.

Forest gallery, Virtual Reality

VR creates a 360-degree virtual world that you can sense the visual and sound but it doesn’t really exist physically. In this event, the audience explores the artworks here and there in the forest, walks around the virtual space and enjoys the paintings installed in harmony with nature.

About artists:

Lananh Lê is a multimedia artist, based in Saigon. Lananh cares about the magic of nature, the way myths tell stories about earth, trees, water; characters like ông địa, “ông trời,” places like suối tiên, sông ngân, hồ ba bể -- the relationship between nature and cultural memory.

Jodeyiam is an artist from Saigon who finds salvation everyday in experimental arts.


Friday, 20 September

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Salon Saigon | 6D Ngo Thoi Nhiem, D3, Ho Chi Minh City