Back Events » Exhibition Openings: Singing to the Choir? & Silent Intimacy @ The Factory Contemporary Art Center

The Factory is pleased to invite you to the opening of two new exhibitions: ‘Singing to the Choir?', a group exhibition by Phan Anh, Trần Minh Đức, and Ngọc Nâu; along with ‘Silent Intimacy’, a solo exhibition by Đặng Thuỳ Anh.

‘Singing to the choir?’ is an adaptation of a colloquial phrase that, for this exhibition, imagines a scene where an impassioned individual seeks to convince his audience, through song, of their need to believe in his ideas. Yet they already appear to do so - evidenced in their reciting of his lyrics, of their body gestures in unison with his ceremonial aplomb. But is this just a mere appearance? Do they really believe? Does habitual behavior, in the practice of a belief, reflect genuine understanding of purpose? Is it, (or perhaps why is it), necessary for beliefs to be collectively performed? This exhibition, titled ‘Singing to the choir?’, metaphorically ponders on this aforementioned scene, though from three distinctly different artistic perspectives of Phan Anh, Trần Minh Đức and Ngọc Nâu, whereby the phrase has been turned into a question – and thus the artists ask our viewers – do you believe / agree / understand with what they are trying to share?

’Silent Intimacy’ is Đặng Thùy Anh’s first solo exhibition in her artistic endeavor with apple snails, contemplatively dubbed with the impact of urbanization on human life. Apple snails are amphibious creatures first introduced to Vietnamese farmers in the 1980s to increase nutrition in feed for domestic animals. As a consequence of the rapid growth of the apple snail, the population of local snails drastically suffered, subsequently damaging crops, eventually causing a nation-wide call for the apple snail to be destroyed in the Vietnamese landscape. In this exhibition, apple snails are, again, a foreign (art) ‘object’, one that is living and constantly evolving, thus resisting any expectations for artworks to be static or pleasant-looking. Intrigued by the reckless evolution and also absurd yet lyrical presence of these mollusks, Thùy Anh finds them a perfect mirror for human beings in their ominous drive to growth, but also to death.


Friday, 8 November

6:00pm - 9:00pm

The Factory Contemporary Art Centre | 15 Nguyen Uu Di, Thao Dien, D2, Ho Chi Minh City